Driving & Learning Tips to Help You Pass Your Driver’s License Exam from the First

Written by Henry Young. Posted in Education & Training

When preparing for your driver’s license exam, it’s unlikely you will get a grasp on the necessary information only from your textbook alone. In reality, you need to do and redo multiple tests designed in a similar fashion to those from the actual exam. Exam simulators and other similar resources are amazing for such purposes. […]

3 Reasons Why Your Deck Is a Key-Area of Your House

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Today, decking plays multiple roles, from an increased aesthetic role to offering all properties high functionality levels, as well as increasing the available living space. More than this, properly built, decking can make a true statement landscaping-wise. These additions work amazingly for gardens and houses of all shapes and sizes while offering a relaxed and […]

What are Initial Coin Offerings? These Are the Top Three Things You Should Know

Written by Henry Young. Posted in World Business

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, have become the go-to fundraising vehicle for emerging startups introducing solutions that are fueled by cryptocurrencies. According to Investopedia, ICOs are: An unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. An initial coin offering is used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process […]

Financial Advice: 7 Things You Should Know by 30

Written by Henry Young. Posted in Business Finances

Your personal finances are either masterfully dealt with, either completely ignored, until you hit the magic age of 30. Heterosexual households where women are in charge of financial decisions tend to accumulate 91% more savings. Those households where men are in charge of these decisions only register by 82% more savings. However, statistics can be […]

Adopted and curious: should you connect with biological parents?

Written by Henry Young. Posted in Lifestyle

Abandonment refers to parents’ decision of interrupting the physical and emotional connection with their minor child, which obviously involves the withdrawal of financial support as well. They practically give up on any parental obligations and responsibilities by willingly choosing not to raise their infant. The question on everyone’s lips when hearing about such a depressing […]

Green technologies: using scientific knowledge for environmental protection

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Preventing further environmental degradation represents an ongoing process that includes every single human on the planet. This means that families and businesses across the globe should take action for reducing the carbon footprint, adopting sustainable living and producing minimal or zero waste. In fact, they should share the same goals, which refer to improving air […]

Brief Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress

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We spend a third of our day sleeping in our beds to recover our energy and rest for another day of work – and this important process is something commonly overlooked. With so much to do and so little time – we forget how crucial sleep is to our bodies to increase productivity. Nowadays there’s […]

Gun control – why it may not be the answer

Written by Henry Young. Posted in Personal

Gun ownership has been at the center of debate in the US for many years now, after several high profile mass shootings. People have their own point of view which can be affected by various influences including political beliefs and financial interest. If you are a gun owner, you may be wondering why there is […]

How-to Keep Mom Sane when Studying Abroad

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It’s not every day you get the opportunity to study abroad. This combines learning and travel while surrounded by peers. It’s a wonderful experience to get outside your comfort zone, learn something new, and create life-long bonds with classmates & teachers. Yet… Mom doesn’t exactly like the idea, does she? She’s in helicopter parent mode, […]

How to Choose Essential Business Software For Your Company

Written by Henry Young. Posted in Software

Business intelligence is the way of the future for companies of all sizes. As data gets bigger and the Internet of Things (IoT) takes over, businesses can leverage intelligence to get insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.  How you go about gathering information depends on the technology you have at your disposal. Today, software is […]

Restaurant recycling: What you need to know

Written by Henry Young. Posted in World Business

  So, you’re the proud owner of a restaurant. You’ve fought long and hard to get your business off the ground. Congratulations are in order. Not everyone can cook, serve food or do numbers. Speaking of food, you might not realize that your restaurant is producing huge amounts of waste. The average eatery generates about […]