7Notes HD iPad App

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Ever thought that there would be an application to recognize you handwriting? 7Notes HD iPad App is an effective application used by numerous people who have to carry around an agenda all the time. Being able to recognize words and individual letters, 7Notes HD iPad App easily transforms your tablet into a notebook, save you […]

Wedding traditions and superstitions

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In addition to the tradition for the groom not to see the bride before the wedding, there are a lot of other wedding traditions and superstitions. Engagement traditions and superstitions It is said that a woman should not get married to a man whose last name begins with the same later as her last name. […]

Cloud-Word App for iPad

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Among the numerous applications for Ipad, there is now available on any store the Cloud-Word. Deciding that the Ipad needs an upgrade, developers integrated all of the best functions into the most productive application, the Cloud-Word. It hasn’t been any more fun than now, to take notes of different subjects on your personalized Ipad. There […]

TomTom GPS for iPad

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Want to have a perfect navigation system incorporated in your personal iPad? Nothing easier! The TomTom GPS is now available as an upgrade to your iPad. You can now let yourself carried away world-wide, without the fear of getting lost, for this application shows any map available for navigation when driving. Want to reach to […]

Leostream Connect iPad App

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Deciding to generate an application that will allow many solutions for all the mobile desktops, Leostream company has developed the Leostream Connect for iPad. This application allows you to connect to your desktop and all of your applications, with the help of your tablet. The entire connection is safe and secured, so that no one […]