Controlling Parents and How to Deal with Them

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There have been conducted researches in order to learn the effects of a controlling parenting style; Some of them pointed out that children who had over controlling parents feel they are not competent or they feel insecure, and are not able to make their own decisions, manage the many situations encountered in life and its stressors.

The Patron Client Relationship in Ancient Rome

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The patron client relationship that existed in ancient times included many aspects and obligations that each part had to fulfill. No matter how wealthy a patron was, he had to offer legal and material support for his client; otherwise, his prestige could have been affected. In return, the client had to accomplish certain tasks for the patron.

When to Start a Rebound Relationship

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A rebound relationship might seem the only solution to recover after a break up. However, no matter how hard things might seem, you must first forget everything that had to do with your previous relationship in order to get a fresh start. So, focus on understanding what went wrong with your ex, and try to avoid similar situations in the future.

Quotes about Parents and Children

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Being a parent is a difficult task and not everyone is made for it. Parents have an important role in their children’s lives, in their developing and education. The included quotes about parents and children are sources for inspiration and advice for parents and children, alike.

Famous Relationship Quotes

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As Oprah Winfrey says in one of her famous relationship quotes, if you are not yourself in a relationship, then you should not stay in it. Ryan Gosling points out in one of the most famous relationship quotes, a relationship takes time, commitment and the desire of both partners to be in that relationship.

The Authoritarian Parenting Style and Its Effects

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Psychologist Diana Baumrind concluded in her studies on parenting that this parenting style is emotionally rigid and harsh. Authoritarian parents are not able to respond adequately to their children’s requests and are not able to offer the children enough nurturing, while they are too demanding and they do not regard open communication as an option

Parents Day in the United States of America

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The role of the parent is highly important in children’s life, in their development as a person. It requires focus, investment and commitment. Parents Day was established in 1994 when Bill Clinton officially approved a resolution adopted by the United States Congress in order to hold on the fourth Sunday of every July.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes to Inspire You

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We are human and a long distance relationship complicates and tests a relationship that used to be normal, a non-distance relationship. Therefore, we need something to gives us hope, to boost us when we are down, we need to believe that it is all going to be fine. Long distance relationship quotes are also very useful when we experience such moments.

3 Tips for a Happy Family Life

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Family life is everything for most people; they live and breathe for their families, which is why we must pay careful attention how we treat them. Communication and respect are essential, because they establish good and strong relations between the family members and create a strong bond.

Psychic reading

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Nowadays, the society deals with big problems, differing on the age of the people. Even though we may see our children’s problems as being unimportant to us, they may grow and develop some of which later they won’t be able to get rid of. Still, in order to get the outcome expected from ourselves and […]