The Longest Baseball Game in History

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No one ever expected that a pair of Minor League teams would reach such a long standing record. On April 18/19, 1981 at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island there were played 32 innings and the final 33rd inning was played on June 23, 1981. Pawtucket Red Sox won the longest baseball game in history with the score of 3–2.

The Baseball Diamond

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Most team sports (such as, football, basketball and soccer) play on a rectangular field, unlike baseball, which is played on a field that has a wedge shape and resembles the quarter of a circle. The field is most of the times referred to as a diamond, hence the name for the field – baseball diamond.

Baseball Live Streaming

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People who opt for watching baseball live streaming have the possibility to enjoy some high quality videos that could give them the impression that they are sitting in the first raw of the tribune. However, they might encounter some problems regarding this matter, and that is why we recommend them to click the refresh button to get the most updated links.