The History of Extreme Sports

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The history of extreme sports started in the ancient times. Base-jumping, car or motorcycle racing and surfing were familiar to the Greeks, Romans, and Polynesians. Although bloody fights to the death are now clean, ethical fights and safety measures precede any sporting activity, extreme sports are, today, by no means less exciting or less dangerous.

Top Three Extreme Games

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Extreme games are known for their realistic and violent options. They can engage the player emotionally in the action by providing a story line which can feature an interesting plot. The protagonist has to go through some big challenges to achieve his goals, and he has to use any trick and strategy he can to succeed.

Extreme Racing Competitions

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Extreme racing is a sport that easily captivates most people’s attention since it inevitably puts one in risky conditions, making it not only a race for win but also one for survival. Some extreme racing competitions take things a bit too far: Marathon des Sables, a 200 mile-long desert run and the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race, the Alaskan desert marathon.

Top 5 Most Extreme Sports

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We have made a list of the top 5 most extreme sports. These are: creeking – the most extreme type of kayaking, Base jumping, wingsuit flying, volcano boarding, and free soloing, which takes alpinism back to the old school, without using any ropes of other safety measures to climb the mountains.