Complete Guide to Finding Golf Employment Solutions

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Picking up a hobby and turning it into a prolific career is one of the rare professional feats that most people do not get to experience. The vast majority of the workforce is employed in positions that they do not like, but they are financially tied to them and need to make compromises such as […]

Men’s Major Golf Tournaments

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Professional golf players who want to build a career by practicing this sport have to participate to the major golf tournaments that might help them make their dreams come true. The Master Tournament, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship and the PGA Championship are the four Major Championships that can help them regarding this matter.

Golf Style Guidelines

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Skills are not the only things that matter on the golf course. This is one of the classiest sports and style is of the essence. If you want to look like a pro on the golf course, you need to practice your moves, but you must also abide by a few golf style guidelines.

The Top Golf Instructors

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Butch Harmon and Sean Foley are two of the top golf instructors who have impressed everyone with their talent and with their couching abilities. Although Harmon started as a professional golf player, Sean Foley’s dream was never to develop such a career. His goal was to become an instructor to top players, and that is what he did.

Is the One Plane Golf Swing Right For You?

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For a right-hander performing a one plane swing the position of the left arm at the top backswing corresponds to the tilt of the shoulders when viewed from the position of looking down at the target. The lists of pros and cons for the one plane golf swing are equally long, therefore you can decide only by analyzing which of these aspects suit you best.

The Best Golf Betting Advice

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If you have decided to opt for golf betting as a way to spend your free time, you should focus on making effective researches on the golf players’ defeats and victories. Calculating the probability that a player has to win represents the easiest way to win a bet. So, don’t pay attention to rumors and consider all the aspects that might change the course of a game.

Cleveland Golf Wedges

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Are you looking for a new hobby, than can be played in the high society? If yes, then ideal equipment is ought to be purchased. Over the time, golf has become one of the most worldwide known and played society games, having more than one billiard players all around the world. In addition, it comes […]