Metal detecting tips for beginners

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  Metal detecting is virtually an inexpensive hobby, which means that about anyone can take it up. With the help of a metal detector, you can find amazing treasures lying underground. Whether you operate in your own backyard or that of the church nearby, you can come across a number of suppressed surprises. If you […]

Have you heard about the levitating sound speaker?

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Technology has the habit of bringing something new and interesting almost every single day, but it rather difficult to keep up with all the new arrivals. They come in a great number and some of them almost seem incredibly complex, hard to find an actual utility in the everyday life. However, among these rather Sci-Fi […]

Why buy a floating sound speaker?

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With a world filled with gadgets, every trip in stores or visits to dedicated websites, you almost find yourself in a bit of a difficulty, as you do not know what to buy first. Should you purchase a smartphone? You most definitely already own one, but then again, you could buy a new tablet or […]

Things you need to know about self-balancing scooters

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Self-balancing scooters have become so popular over the last year, that everybody wants one. From celebrities to teenagers, they have become a hit worldwide. But what make these scooters so appealing? Their futuristic design is the first thing you notice, and it is probably the reason why so many people decide to buy it. Besides […]

How to Use Blogger Gadgets

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Blogger gadgets are special tools that people use to increase the number of visitors of their webpagess. Therefore, they represent a great improvement that can help anyone attract a large audience and promote a blog. Gadgets, which are also known as widgets, are represented by applications such as photos, countdown tickers and weather applications.

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium Review

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If you want to find out how many hours of talk time battery life this case can add to a dead mobile phone, you can turn to this Mophie Juice Pack Helium review as a way to learn more. Here are the most important features and characteristics that people should search for at a practical case. After all, it’s important to buy a reliable product.

Impressive Upcoming Gadgets

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Most of the companies release new devices only as a strategy to offer their clients as many alternatives as they can, so they turn to this technique because they don’t want their customers to run out of choice when it comes to buying a new product. However, there are some upcoming gadgets that promise to incorporate new interesting and effective features.

Effective Supersmoker Bluetooth E-Cigarette Review

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If you want to forget about all the chaos that exists in your suitcase, you can opt for replacing some of your usual items with a device that has multiple functions. The Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette review talks about the three elements that this gadget incorporates: a mobile phone, a music player, and of course, an electronic cigarette.

The Classic Arcade Wristwatch Review

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This Classic Arcade Wristwatch review is meant to teach those who are interested in ThinkGeek creations more about the features of this gadget. It has a unique fun design, and it provides some interesting features that you can only see in an arcade cabinet. However, it doesn’t integrate a real game, because that would mean extra costs.

OnLive iPad App

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Ipad has many features and applications to make this the most valuable and useful tablet even invented. Among many other features, you can find the OnLive Desktop application. Since many people have decided to use their tablet as a laptop or computer, OnLive made it possible the creation of a virtual desktop that will make […]