How to Test Internet Connection and Speed

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There are many people who don’t know how to test Internet connection. If you encounter problems regarding this matter as well and you don’t know how to solve them, you don’t have to bother calling your ISP. They will tell you to unplug your cable and wait for two minutes before plugging it back in. So, that is the first thing that you need to do to solve this issue.

The Internet Protocol Definition

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The Internet Protocol definition describes the role that this principal communications protocol has. Furthermore it gives anyone the possibility to learn more about packets, data and network infrastructures. So, we present you all the aspects that will help you learn more about the development of this network protocol.

The Advantages of Using an Internet Timer

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Although the Internet is an amazing tool to use when it comes to searching answers to different questions, it can also create all sorts of addictions. Therefore, you must protect your children from certain complications by installing an Internet Timer on their computer. That way you will be able to control the time that they spend in front of their computer’s screen.

How to Fix Limited Internet Access Errors in Windows

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In case that you use a DHCP or a broadband router on your network, you must verify if your computer’s Internet Protocol address is a valid one. If you discover the opposite, it means that your computer isn’t able to receive a proper IP address from your router. That can be one of the reasons why you experience limited Internet access issues.

Time Management in Today’s Society

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Thanks to the emergence of personal computers and the internet, our lives have changed very much in the last twenty years or so, and it is probably the fastest and most obvious change that has happened from one generation to another. With the help of the internet everything moves faster in the world: relationships, business, […]

Professional web scraping

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Whether you call it web scraping, web harvesting or web data extraction, this is a revolutionary concept that has hit the business world recently. It is a complex operation that provides businesses with impressive amounts of data from a wide range of online sources. Information is essential in today’s business environment, for it offers the […]

Main reasons to choose Windows VPS

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VPS hosting has become the most attractive solutions that covers the hosting needs of website owners from all over the world. Particularly, Windows VPS has gained a great deal of popularity, although it is a relatively new service in this field. Until recently, businesses and individuals had only two options: dedicated or shared servers, which […]

Online reputation management

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Nowadays, it is known that most of us wish to be known as being flawless in all aspects. Either way you fit yourself in the description above or not, a thing will remain a fact over the years – everyone wants to be known as having numerous qualities. In this case, looking for our reputation, […]