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The life and times of an indian homemak
Female feticide or female infanticide in India. Male child preference is deep rooted and although the parents are asked not to kill their baby girls, there is no serious effort to tackle what makes them WANT TO KILL their baby girls. Patriarchy at it's worst, with the Joint Family System making daughters a liability for parents (Sons bring wealth and prestige). Gender bias in homes, on the street, at work place everywhere except perhaps in schools, where girls excel. Unpaid labor, honor killings, sexual harassment and domestic violence make it tough being a woman in India. Add to that family name. Inheritance laws are still biased. . The only Indian parents who truly value their daughters are those who are willing to break from traditions, and hence see their children as more than 'future daughters in law' and 'old age pension plans'. These few who put common sense above traditional social values are the ones who respect women and support equality for all.
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