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Music for Social and Civil Action
freedom, activism, media activism, human rights, the environment, social movements, songs of protest, civil society, advocacy, civil liberties, droits de l'homme, democracy, menschenrechte, non-violence, peacemaking, social change, social movement, tolerance, udhr, united nations, cantautores, cantautori, chanson engagée, songwriters, civil disobedience, discussion, diversity, education, grassroots, social work, diritti umani, tolerance, history, volunteering, права человека, гражданское общество, социальные движения, медиа-активизм, демократия, свобода, музыка свободы, гражданские права, инакомыслие, авторская песня, семиотика, визуальная антропология, интеллектуалы, арт-активизм, гражданская политика, гражданская журналистика
Listed in Politics on position 40 and overall rank is 2651
Country Russian Federation
Language Russian
Owner marchenk
Member Since October 12, 2008
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Tags activism cultural_studies democracy | human_rights | music | policy |

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