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A political blog about Bahamian politics in The Bahamas, Bahamian Politicans - and the entire Bahamas political lot. Bahamian Blogger Dennis Dames keeps you updated on the political news and views throughout the islands of The Bahamas without fear or favor. Bahamian Politicians and the Bahamian Political Arena: Updates one Post at a time on Bahamas Politics and Bahamas Politicans. Government of The Bahamas - Type: Constitutional parliamentary democracy. Independence: July 10, 1973. Branches: Executive--The British Monarch (head of state), governor general (representative of The British Monarch), prime minister (head of government), and cabinet. Legislative--bicameral Parliament (41-member elected House of Assembly, 16-member appointed Senate). Judicial--Privy Council in U.K., Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, and magistrates' courts. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is an English-speaking country consisting of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets (rocks).
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