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Organizational Behavior, Management, Dynamics, Training, Education
Organizational Behavior, Management..

Organisational effectiveness is the central theme of organization theory. No management can think of a theory of organization that does not include the concept of effectiveness. Everyone-academicians and corporate people-unanimously agree to the significance of effectiveness in organization.

Sassyd0ll | with her beauty tales, and lil' random
Sassyd0ll | with her beauty tales, ..

A petite sassy lass starts her addiction to beauty products since 2008. Addicted to trying out beauty products on herself, addicted to forum where she shares her reviews and experiences. It was when she realized there were times she had to go back to her old posts to dig out reviews whenever a forumer asked about products effectiveness and results, she decided to set up her own blog ( to keep a journal of her reviews for easy reference. As days passed, she added fashion and events blogposts. In April 2011, she finally moved her blog to wordpress. That was how Sassyd0ll’s blog came about.


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Rome_ Davidson Oil Industrics
Rome_ Davidson Oil Industrics

Our strategy involves also conducting of exploration works in optimal volume and their effectiveness increasing with purpose of replenishment of hydrocarbons recoverable reserves..

3d printer blog
3d printer blog

3d printers and accessories in our store. 3d Printers and accessories are the future. Whether for model building, replacement parts, gimmicks, prototypes, art and just for fun. We’re lucky to be a part of this brand new technological achievement, that today has reached excellence and cost effectiveness. With our, on your table 3d printers such as Easy3dmaker and Prusa i3 Hephestos, you can now buy your own 3d printer today.

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