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The Secret Garden Winery
The Secret Garden Winery is a venture to produce authentic premium Algarve wine from the traditional grape varieties. The grapes are produced in the available old traditional vinyards and in newly planted facilities, both optimised on grape quality with reduced yield. Fermentation is made with the own natural yeasts on the grape skins. Maturation in Barrique and in the bottle. This Idea was developed in 2007. Regarding the recently growing number of premium wines of high quality coming from all wine regions of Portugal exept from the Algarve. All the wine regions of Portugal developed a new confidence in quality of the own varieties and wines. But this process did not yet reach the south of the country. Today there is no premium Algarve wine. It is not yet sure when the first wine will be filled on bottles, but if you are intersted please do not hesitate to contact us, or register to this page. Be one of the first to experience the new identity of Algarve wine.
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