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This website is a collection of my experiences here in Tulum, Mexico. Living here , working here, playing here and getting around here. I hope that you find some great places to eat, some fun things to do as well as some useful tips. I hope you enjoy. I wanted the people who come to Tulum, Mexico whether for a vacation, business or to find a new life, to have access to some to my experiences. I want people who come to visit the Mayan Rivera to have an easy time traveling, be able to ask questions of someone who has done it before and may have some good ideas. I want people to know how safe it is in Tulum, and how much we love it. To read about where and how to pay bills or what to do when you buy some property (or at least... what we are doing.) People can find out where to get the freshest chicken breasts and the best produce in the area. I will tell you where my favorite tacos are in Tulum and why the milk is not in the fridge.
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