10 Places You Have to Go Kayaking

Kayaking is a very fun and exciting activity that you can enjoy in almost any kind of water. So, if you go on vacation somewhere with natural waters, you should definitely try it. The sights you are going to see through this sport will be amazing and plus, there’s also the adventure and adrenaline. And if you’re going to have a kayaking trip you could go camping and hiking as well. For beginners, it’s better to start out in a flat steady water, to familiarise yourself with what this sport involves and gain more confidence. Here are the top 10 places you should check out if you want to have the best possible kayaking experience:

1.      The Alps

You have a great variety of rivers, waters and sights to see in the Alps while practicing kayaking. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you can find plenty of places to fit your level. You can start as slow as you want in Ardèche river, get used to the areas and waters and the paddling style and then go continue and have fun down the Durance river. The landscape is beautiful and there are plenty of opportunities for accommodation, if you didn’t take your tent.

2.      Algarve

The Algarve is the southern region of Portugal, where you can find, besides the magnificent beaches and amazing coastline with cliffs and caves which are perfect for exploring on an Algarve kayak tour. While many areas of the Algarve offer great kayaking Lagos is certainly one of the most famous and the combination of this with a great night life in this historical city make it a great choice. Be sure to book your Lagos kayak tours early though as the best trips get booked up quickly.

3.      Slovenia

Kayaking in the clearest water of the Soča river in Slovenia will be the greatest most beautiful experience in the area. It’s actually the only river in the country where you can paddle, but it has various sections of difficulty, so boredom is not an option. Accommodation in that area is also both affordable and nice and if you don’t know the way to do it you can also choose to have a guide.

4.      Norway and its fjords

The fjords in Norway have some places where the cliffs are very narrow and stiff and the only way you could see them is by kayak. Anyway, it would be a pity not to see them this way, because the sights are majestic and they have everything you could imagine, from quiet calm rivers to waterfalls, slopes and beautiful green forests. During winter time, if you’re lucky enough, you can also see the aurora borealis having their magnificent natural light shows. Don’t worry, if you are a beginner in the art of paddling, you can find decent waters to learn and practice it.

5.      The Blue river in Greenland

This island of ice has some unbelievable colours and landscapes. You can choose how you want to see it: walking, hiking, paddling and so on. The Blue river is the result of a melting glacier called Petermann, that creates this beautiful shade of light blue and the interesting thing is that this river has a different shape every year because of the perpetual melting of the ice. The best way you could truly see and feel it is by kayak, so don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in this extraordinary unique experience.

6.      Nepal

For an adventure you can never forget, Nepal is the place to go. The Himalaya mountains are the paradise on earth and there are plenty of rivers you can practice kayaking in. The culture you will find there, the traditions, the people are the best reasons to mix everything up for a magical experience. Everything is as if you’re in a story, a legend and your role is to just enjoy the view and interaction. You can also go in the Everest area, if you’re willing for some extreme adventures. The best time to go there for kayaking is during the White Water Festival organized by the Nepalese Rafting Association every year. You could meet other paddlers from all around the world and exchange experiences and stories.

7.      New Zeeland

You can find some unique places there, such as the Glowworm Caves on Lake McLaren. But for that you have to go during the night, because the experience will be even better. You will literally see glow worms on the walls of the caves and it’s actually pretty romantic. If you combine the sights with kayaking you will have the most unforgettable date ever. Watch the incandescent light of the little creatures and then let yourselves guided by the moon light and stars back to shore.

8.      Chile

Chile is known worldwide for its kayaking opportunities. Either you want to step up your Instagram game with some sick photos, you just want to relax paddling down a river or you want some adrenaline, you can have it all right there. You can find nice resorts, narrow and wide rivers, waterfalls, crystal-clear blue waters, beautiful green nature. If you go to Pucon you can easily relax in you kayak for a bit or even go visit Patagonia with its beautiful landscapes.

9.      USA

The USA are blessed with some of the most famous canyons and rivers where you can practice kayaking and rafting and basically every form of paddling sport. Probably that is one of the reasons Americans don’t really need to go elsewhere for that. They can find everything they want in their country, in Colorado, West Virginia, California and so on. Some of the most bedazzling sight you could see and rivers you can explore are definitely the Grand Canyon and the Salmon River.

10. Venice

If you are the calm, relaxed type of persona that just wants to float away and not be shaken by the big rocks in some rafting areas, Venice is the place to go. There are a lot of hidden canals, gondolas and bridges, so explore them and enjoy the architecture and landscapes.

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