12 tips for the bride to look her best

Planning a wedding is not easy. You must pay attention to every detail to ensure that you will have a reception and a ceremony as you dreamed of. Just by following a few easy steps, you can be such a beautiful bride that you’ll deserve to be on the TV news or on the cover of a beauty magazine. One of the most important points in the wedding list is to look wonderful on your special day. Here are the most important 12 tips for the bride to look her best in her wedding.

  • Start the visits to a beauty salon three months before the wedding. To make your skin look bright and fresh on your wedding day, regular visits to a beauty salon, especially before the wedding, are necessary. The advice and treatments that you will get will ensure you a glowing and healthy skin on the big day.
  • One month before the wedding is the perfect time for a makeup and hairstyle trial. This is to make sure you will look just as you wanted on your wedding day. And we know for sure that you would want to copy one of the celebrity hairstyles you always dreamed of and this should be your best opportunity to go for it and bring some photos to your hairstylist with the hairstyles you most like at your favorite star.
  • Do not cut your hair a few days before the wedding, because you might not like the new haircut. Be sure you make major changes well in advance to have time to repair any side effects.
  • It is recommended to make facials and wax at least two weeks before your wedding. Thus, any problems such as rashes or pimples will have time to heal.
  • It is advisable to try a body scrub at least two weeks before your wedding day.
  • Do the last retouches in terms of color and hair length at least one week before the wedding.
  • The manicure and pedicure should be done one day before the wedding for everything to be fresh.
  • One day before your wedding day spoil yourself with a relaxing massage and a facial moisturizer.
  • Wash your hair the night before the weeding, so it will be much easier to style it.
  • In the morning of your wedding day use a very light face cream before you put on the makeup, to fix it. Do not forget to put in the bag everything you need for any retouches along the day.
  • Do not go out in the sun before the wedding because you risk damaging your skin. If you want to go to a solarium, do it at least a month before your wedding day.
  • Try to cry less. It’s a touching day for you and few brides can master their tears of happiness. Make sure you have handkerchiefs to wipe your tears before your makeup covers your face.

Taking into account these 12 tips for the bride to look her best, you will look on your wedding as you’ve always dreamed of: shiny, beautiful and irresistible.

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