14 tips to plan a wedding from afar

Since you were a little girl you have dreamed of how your wedding will be like, but now you live in another country and you will not be home for a year to plan the wedding. It’s time you put into practice your skills and imagination to create a unique event, even from afar. Here are some tips to plan a perfect wedding from afar. And if you happen to be a fan of the celebrity trends no matter if it is about the exquisite clothes and accessories or the hairstyles you should copy a few things from them at your preference as they can add to your uniqueness as a bride.

  • Planning a wedding from afar means a lot of details and finding the perfect destination is a difficult part. Therefore, there is an easy way to begin looking and this is the Internet.
  • Now you should establish your budget. If your budget is generous, you can plan a large wedding, but if it is reduced you should consider a small wedding. Also, for a large wedding it is recommended to hire a wedding consultant that can help you with all details.
  • Once you have searched the Internet and found the desired wedding destination that suits your budget, you can start choosing the location. There are a lot of sites were you can find wedding locations.
  • After choosing the location of your dreams, you must decide if you want to take care alone of all things regarding to the wedding planning or you want to hire a wedding planner. Look for recommendations and clients testimonials before hiring a wedding planner.
  • You must think about the catering service, cake, wedding arrangements, flowers, photographers and musicians and of course to find the convenient transportation for the guests. An experienced wedding consultant will help you planning the perfect event.
  • You must contact a catering company for food and drinks and decide on the kind of flowers, the type of cake.
  • Contact the wedding photographers and book appointments.
  • Look for your wedding dress and of course choose the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Book appointments with the hair and make-up stylists prior to the wedding and try different hairstyles and make-ups before you decide which one is perfect.
  • According to your wedding theme, you will need a special transportation in your wedding day.
  • Make a guests list and send invitations asking them to confirm their presence.
  • Don’t forget about the marriage license. To avoid unpleasant surprises apply for it in advance, before the wedding.
  • Now you can relax and focus on your beauty regime in order to look wonderful at your wedding.
  • Recheck all the details and items necessary to the big event.

Finally, now you will find it easier to plan a wedding from afar taking into consideration these 14 tips.

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