2013 Scion Cars

Scion is a rather small car manufacturer begotten by the larger and more popular Toyota. They aim to build elegant yet affordable cars that don’t compromise on quality and endurance. Since they are a small company with a majority of young employees, their methods of making cars are a bit more open-minded than other more respectable brands afford to be. At Scion, they encourage their young car designers and engineers to apply their unique ideas and create wonderful and original-looking cars.

In what follows we’ll take a look at some of the 2013 Scion cars and what they have to offer. In our opinion, one of the best-looking and most efficient 2013 Scion cars is the Scion FR-S, a rear-drive, six-speed transmission, front-mounted flat Boxer engine vehicle that is sure to turn heads thanks to its slick and aerodynamic design. Some of the basic options that you get with the FR-S are air conditioner, power door locks, remote keyless entry system, engine immobilizer, rear window defogger, a multi-information display, leather-trimmed steering wheel, cruise control, sport pedals, power outside mirrors, dual exhaust and many, many more.

At a reasonable prince, 2013 Scion cars aim to offer comfort and safety to their drivers and passengers, which is why a lot of attention was given to details. For example, the Scion iQ, at only $16, 020 is a rather small, compact city car but its interior and engine-performance have been constructed to offer its driver all the options that any car should have. The two-door Scion iQ, just like her bigger sister the FR-S is fitted with air conditioner, remote keyless entry system, multi-information display, map light, 50/50 split fold-flat rear seats, dual sun visors with vanity mirrors and eco-driving indicator. Indeed this is more of a ladies’ car, but in our opinion its design and performance capabilities make it a great car for anyone.

In fact, 2013 car reviews were generally very satisfied with the new Scion cars, and both performance and design were praised. Those who are looking for a different kind of car, a car for new generations and new beginnings, should definitely consider one of these. You can even compare them with other 2013 car reviews and see which are more convenient, but the innovative features and options from Scion will definitely turn heads and impress even the most experienced drivers.

Other 2013 Scion cars that will be available at reasonable prices are the Scion tC, the xB, and the xD. The Scion tC is an impressive car with panoramic glass roof, 18-inch alloy wheels, chrome-tipped exhaust and 180 horsepower and it will cost somewhere between $19,480 and $20,480 depending on whether you want manual or automated transmission.
The xB is a bulkier, off-road car with 158 horsepower and it is a great vehicle for trips and excursions due to its spacious interior and trunk. If you are considering this car, you should also read a radar detector review as you really shouldn’t leave on a trip without such a gadget. A radar detector review can help you find the best radar for your car. Even if you don’t have a sports car, such a device can save you a lot of trouble. Finally, the xD, a casual four-door city car with 128 horsepower and 16-inch wheels is another vehicle that draws your attention and that is safe and fun to drive. All in all, it looks like Scion will have a strong presence on next year’s market, so keep an eye on them.

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