3 Reasons to Exercise with Weighted Clothing

These days, the weighted clothing is very popular among fitness enthusiasts because it can provide them with plenty of benefits. They come in many shapes for different areas of the body. Depending on what area you target you can choose between weighted arm sleeves, vests, leg sleeves, ankle weights and many others. Actually, the use of these pieces of clothing is a form of resistance training which can improve anyone’s performance. However, if you have any doubts about the efficiency of these items, in the following lines, we have gathered 3 reasons to exercise with weighted clothing.

The weighted clothing increase strength and endurance

Benefits from weighted clothing have bees seen in both cardio and strength training. Carrying extra weights during your workout requires more oxygen and strength. When you add more weight to your training, you will increase endurance and strength. Your bones will become stronger and your muscles will be more toned. Moreover, a study done by an American University on 2 groups of athletes, one group performing plyometrics and resistance training and the other group doing the same training with weighted clothing showed remarkable results. The group of athletes wearing weighted clothing had improved their performance more than the other group.

The weighted clothing will provide you with plenty of cardiovascular benefits

People who worn weighted clothing has noticed many changes when it comes to their cardiovascular system. For example, when you use this type of clothing, you will become more active and your metabolism will change. You should also know that by wearing these clothes, your body will create an amazing resistance to lactic acid. Some specialists studied a group of athletes who were wearing weighted clothing and they discovered that those athletes had a lower lactate threshold and improved vertical velocity. Anyway, depending on the weight of your clothes, the cardiovascular system will improve.

The weighted clothing has a lot of musculoskeletal benefits

It’s good to know that when you are wearing weighted clothing, your bones and muscles will become stronger. Moreover, it can help you target special areas. For example, if you wear someĀ weighted arm sleeves, your arm workouts will show results faster toning your arms and increasing your muscle mass. Arm sleeves can also be used in special training sessions. For example, boxers use them in order to increase their agility, as they constantly train with them, and when they take the sleeves off, they will be a lot faster. In fact, weighted clothing doesn’t have benefits just on your muscles. They also have benefits on your skeletal frame due to the extra weight and mass which will stimulate cells called Osteablasts. These cells will make your bones stronger. Most people with weak legs or other leg ailments are choosing to wear weighted clothes. When it comes to weighted clothing, all you have to know, it’s that these clothes will provide you with a lot of musculoskeletal benefits, by making your bones and muscles stronger and denser.

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