4 Great Tech Gifts For Men & Women

For someone who is passionate about science and technology, one might have a bit of trouble selecting the right present. Let’s face it. Not all folks are the same when it comes to their favorite pastimes and preferences, in general, and that’s what makes choosing the right gift so difficult. Some engineers can receive a wealth of sweaters and other virtually useless items that might do little to nothing in the way of impressing them.

To make it slightly easier to make up your mind about what type of gift you should get for a person who loves tech, we’ve put together a list of several suggestions.

An optical instrument

While it might not be the first on your list, the fact is that an optical instrument can make for a nice present. What we mean by optical instruments are telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, as well as endoscopes. Of course, the latter aren’t the medical devices used in hospitals as those sold everywhere aren’t designed for such purposes.

Finding a good borescope for Android or iOS can be somewhat challenging, but this type of item will definitely score high with an engineer or someone who likes to repair stuff around the house. A borescope is usually fitted with a rigid or flexible cable at the end of which is located a camera.

A Drone

If the person you are trying to impress with the gift has a love for video or photography, a drone might be the right choice. Some models are particularly budget-friendly, and yet they come with high-resolution cameras with the help of which the gift recipient will be able to capture footage of any area.

Just make sure that the one getting the present doesn’t live in an area where the usage of drones is illegal. This might be the case in Washington due to the many military bases present throughout the state.

A graphing calculator

While it might be something out of the ordinary for someone who doesn’t love math or who doesn’t calculate all day long, a graphing calculator can make for an amazing present for someone passionate about technology, and several vintage items in this sense, too. The brand that makes such devices is called Texas Instruments and has acquired a long-lasting reputation for designing convenient and highly efficient products.

A wallet locator

A wireless wallet locator might be perfect as a present, and for several reasons, too. One of them is the fact that most such devices come with several keys that one can use to track everything from their car keys to their home keys. But that doesn’t mean that the situations where such a product comes in handy are limited.

In fact, some are so good at tracking the location of the keys that they can even be used as pet or kid trackers provided that the wearers do not go beyond the area coverage.


We hope you have enjoyed this selection of tech gifts that might win the hearts of engineers and other people passionate about technology.


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