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4 Things Every Homeowner Must Know About Gutters

Gutters are some of the most important defenses that your home has against water damage. As such, it is important to be very careful when you choose your gutters, you need to buy them from a reputable company and you need to consider a leaf protection solution. If you are a new homeowner, you’ve probably never had to deal with these things before, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got the answers to the most important gutter related questions.

1. What type of gutters should you choose?

Shape: In terms of gutter shape, you have two options have-round gutters and K-style gutters. K-style are the older and cheaper version. K-style gutters cost about 50% more but they have twice the capacity of half-round gutters.

Materials: There are 5 materials that gutters are commonly made of: zinc, vinyl, steel, aluminum and copper. Vinyl is the cheapest option but it looks bad and it won’t last much. Steel, copper and zinc are the most expensive, but we don’t recommend steel since it can start rusting after a while. So, if money is not a problem and you want something that looks nice and will last a long time, go with either zinc or copper. However, what we recommend for most people is aluminum. It won’t rust, it’s quite resistant and it can be painted over to complement the look of your home.

Seamless or sectional: Seamless gutters are obviously the best option. They will cost more, and they need to be installed by professionals, but they are worth the money. Sectional gutters are easy to install (you can even install them yourself). However, they are prone to leaks and you will most likely have to deal with a lot of repairs.

Do you need professional installation?

As we already mentioned, some gutters can be installed by yourself: vinyl gutters and practically any type of sectional gutters. However, we advise all homeowners to go for a professional gutter installation company. We recently had a very good experience with one of the best gutters Dallas companies, UltraLast. It turns out that there are many installation factors that affect the durability of your gutters, such as weight distribution, screw quality, screw placement and much more. The people from UltraLast are experts and they are so confident in their work that they even offer lifetime warranties for some of their services. So if you don’t want to waste time and money on repairing your gutters, you should definitely go for professional installation.

Downspouts and gutter capacity

If you live in an area with moderate weather, you can’t go wrong with a 5 inch gutter, but if you frequently deal with heavy rainfalls, you should go for a 6 inch capacity. As far as downspouts are concerned, things are very simple. For every 30-40 linear feet of gutter, you will need one downspout.

What about leaf protection?

There are 3 main options in terms of leaf solutions: small hole screens, perforated aluminum, and fine mesh screens. Small hole screens are the most affordable option but the steel is susceptible to rust and small debris such as pine needles could cause clogs. Perforated aluminum is reasonably priced, but it does not work on small capacity gutters and heavier rains can cause spillovers. Last but not least, fine mesh screens are obviously more expensive, but they are the most durable and effective solution.

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