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4 Tips for Remodeling a School Sports Center

School sports provide physical, social and emotional benefits for the students and they also create opportunities for students to be involved in the overall school community, and resonate with the school values. However, all these benefits and opportunities can easily be missed if the school lacks a modern and engaging sports center. Whether you are the athletics director, the coach or the school principal, it is your duty to make sure that the sports center is used to its full potential. So, if you think that it’s time for your school to modernize its athletic facilities, here are a few tips that will help you get the desired results.

Choose a multi-sport court design

Most schools have a major team which usually gets all the attention, and participates in major competitions. Nevertheless, even if your school has a long standing tradition of playing a certain sport, things can change with each generation. So, consider a court design that can accommodate popular sports like basketball or volley, but also consider tennis, football, soccer and other sports with increasing popularity. Thinking in advance will pay off in the future. If space is a problem, consider portable equipment.

Work with local gym equipment dealers

Working directly with gym equipment manufacturers can seem like a great idea, from a financial point of view. However, local dealers can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Their proximity allows them to be involved in all the planning stages, working together with designers and architects. They also know the market and have connection with local installation crews.

Consider audience engagement

Your school may have the best basketball team, but that won’t matter much if no one shows up to see the team play. Therefore make sure the seating area can comfortably accommodate a large audience. Moreover, a scoring table can significantly increase audience engagement and team spirit. We advise you to take a look at the Scorers Tables produced by Sideline Interactive. They are very affordable and they come with many cool features such as interactive crowd prompts, player prompts, video replays and much more. Moreover, they are a great advertising space, which takes us to our next advice:

Consider the return on investment

Remodeling the school sports center can be a costly investment which will most likely dig a huge hole in the school budget. However, this is an investment and like any investment, it can return some if not all of its value. One way in which you can make money is by using using the sports center to accommodate other events as well, maybe even fundraising events. Another way you can make money is by advertising during sports events. The Sideline Interactive Scorers Tables allow for unlimited advertising space. They even come with ad reports and proof of play reports. Involving local businesses in your school’s sports events is a great way to generate revenue, but it is also a great way of keeping the community united.


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