6 Reasons Marketers Should Focus on Instagram Over Snapchat in 2018

There are a variety of ways to leverage social marketing to drive business. One important aspect is to grow your following base where tools like SocialDrift can be helpful. Another piece is producing high-quality content on the platforms. Regardless of the channel you choose, poor posts or advertisements will not be effective.

One big decision businesses that advertise on social media have to make is which platforms to use and how much money to pour into each of those channels. The choices can be difficult because the marketing offerings are vastly different on each platform. When running a test between two options, you can get a sense of the return on investment. The issue with this is a question of whether you are advertising/producing content to the best of your ability. If you are not doing so, then the tests that you run will be skewed. They will not be taking into account full potential reach.

Some comparisons between channels are going to require these tests and being thoughtful based on your audiences. It depends on what you are trying to sell, target age ranges and costs of your product.

There are certain social media sites you can compare, though, more easily. Instagram and Snapchat are a perfect case. The decision between the two is widely considered, and it is an important one for marketing leaders trying to establish a more imminent brand. When deciding between the two, there is a clear solution: Instagram. This is especially true moving forward in 2018. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Instagram has more users across nearly all features.

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users compared to Snapchat’s roughly 200 million. This, alone, is substantial. There are purely more people on Instagram to reach. When looking at stories, specifically, the same thing can be said. Despite Instagram’s late entry, they have had tremendous success. As recently as June, Instagram had 250 million daily active story users. That is more than Snapchat’s entire daily active user base.  The growth rate of Instagram users has also been steeper than that of Snapchat.

Choosing to focus on a platform that has a larger and faster-growing audience is a good bet in the long run. The more time that you put into Instagram now, the more reward you will see in the future as it grows. This comes in the form of growing your followers as well as learning the landscape. Better understanding how to meaningfully engage and mobilize users on Instagram will set you up for continued success.

  1. Instagram allows for better engagement.

Instagram users have the ability to view your brand in a much more meaningful way. They can go to your profile to view your bio, click a link to your site or even view your old posts. This more meaningful engagement leads to better brand awareness.

When someone can see your profile and get a larger picture of the ideas that your brand represents, they are more likely to meaningfully interact. You can better demonstrate company values and any missions that you care about via Instagram. This leads to more followers and, if handled effectively, higher company sales.

Instagram also has a better return on your content efforts. You could spend a significant amount of time creating a Snapchat ad, but, unless you re-run it, it will be gone after 24 hours. On Instagram, on the other hand, your promoted posts will remain on your profile. Therefore, when anybody decides to view your page, they will be able to see that content. From a pure ROI standpoint, that makes it much more rational to put time into Instagram content than Snapchat content.

  1. More effective relationship management.

On Instagram, you can better leverage users to increase your reach. Other people can directly tag your account, for example., which will send their followers directly to you. You can also personally interact with users via comments or DMs. Showing your followers that you care will build greater brand loyalty.

Plus, you can leverage influencer marketing (albeit at a cost) much better on Instagram. Influencers can shout you out, which will send their followers your way. This can all have a dramatically positive impact.

  1. Integration with Facebook.

One other larger benefit of Instagram is its connection to Facebook. For one, when you are creating an ad on Facebook, you can automatically also push it to Instagram. This is a nice time saver when you are advertising on both mediums. Since Facebook has been at it for so long, and has a robust system, that translates to Instagram. This makes it easier to get ads going and offers better targeting.

  1. Better analytics.

Instagram has higher quality analytics than Snapchat. When marketing on Snapchat, you can create your own dashboards and analytics that can be just as effective. Having the powerful setup of Instagram, though, is significant. Instagram Insights is a huge help when keeping track of your marketing efforts. Not to mention that there are more third-party tools you can use for Instagram analytics than Snapchat. The advantage that this lends to Instagram is substantial.

  1. More discoverability.

Users can more easily discover your brand on Instagram. There are a variety of different outlets that can direct someone to your profile. On Snapchat, though, people have to search for you, specifically. On Instagram, anybody searching by hashtags or that sees someone else tag you can easily find your business.

People can find you when their friends engage with your content. Plus, they can find you on Discover. With Snapchat, none of that is the case. You can still grow your Snapchat audience, but it means that doing so will take longer and require different strategies.

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