7Notes HD iPad App

Ever thought that there would be an application to recognize you handwriting? 7Notes HD iPad App is an effective application used by numerous people who have to carry around an agenda all the time. Being able to recognize words and individual letters, 7Notes HD iPad App easily transforms your tablet into a notebook, save you paper and pen. Useful especially for college people, this application is able to understand any type of writing, so you don’t necessary have to do your best to draw letters.

If for some reason, the 7Notes iPad App cannot understand your writing, then it provides several options to replace your scratch. But this is not what it makes it the best application on the market! It has many other features like text colors, font sizes, an auto saving option for your notes and also a dictionary. You could say that you are writing on a computer, only that you get to use your finger, which will make things easier and quicker.

The 7Notes HD iPad App surely beats all of its competitors. You get to transform your entire writing into text, all at once or word by word, as preferred. Though it is a little bit expensive, it sure worths every penny, for you get to include everything related with writing in your favorite tablet. Providing you the opportunity to save all of your documents, you can easily introduce them to your computer and keep every class or important documentation. 7Notes HD iPad App is simply awesome!

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