A list of dance styles where you or your kid can choose from

You probably noticed that all dancers and dance instructors have well-defined bodies that are admired by everyone passing by. This is one of the multitude of reasons why you – as a parent – or your kid should start attending dance classes. It probably sounds a little bit forced at first, but when you start realizing what dance style actually catches your attention, you will surely get involved into learning more about it. The benefits of dancing are numerous, and they deserve to be listed. Dance is a way that bonds people because it pushes them to socialize and develop close ties. You can never know who you are going to bond with during a dance rehearsal. Due to the physical effort involved in dancing, your body will start burning an average of 500 calories every 30 minutes of dancing. This is the exact equivalent of a long bicycle ride. Isn’t that cool?

Most people who desire to get away from their tiring, everyday routine will feel much better after a dance class. It improves your overall mood and helps you perceive your life in a different manner. Who knows – maybe dancing will become your no. 1 hobby and develop into a career at a certain point in your life. Dancing is a great starting point for kids who have a passion for physical activity in general. It can represent the beginning of an amazing career. In addition, kids will develop a tremendous self-confidence due to the work they put in to achieve their goals in this direction. You can learn more about this on Craig’s official site and visualize what the life of a dancing judge is like. Acknowledging all these benefits should make any sports lover fall in love with the idea of dancing, even just for fun. Here are some styles of dance one can choose from:

Argentine tango

Argentine tango appeared on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where single men used to spend their time playing cards, dancing or listening to music. Dancing the Tango with a woman at that time was considered a very sensual act – the embraces are intimate, the legs touch and intertwine. In the past, the only way a man could learn the Tango was to dance with another man instead of a woman because of the emotional implication this dance involved. Tango dancers learned this style of dance to attract the ladies’ admiration. Tango music is mostly played on instruments like guitar or violin. Yet the sound of the bandoneon is the symbol of tango. Later, tango spread like fire and became popular in Europe and the rest of the world. It still remains one of the most delicate, sensual and full of passion styles of dance. Argentine tango is a flexible dance, that doesn’t involve any fixed rules for tempo or steps. No two dances of tango are ever the exact same, and that’s what makes it appropriate for people who love to create something from scratch.


Salsa is a combination of Latin and African-Caribbean rhythms, similar to mambo, rumba, cha-cha-cha etc. It appeared as a merge of Cuban, Portorian and South Americans dance styles. Salsa has a lot of cultural interference considering the fact that emigrants were the ones giving this style of dance personality. Salsa is a dance that can be learned without a partner and does not require plenty of space, but it is usually danced in pairs. Imagine it as a dance you can perform in the corner of your kitchen. The man usually has the responsibility of guiding his partner’s movements. Salsa involves dynamic movements and all the muscles in the body. From a technical point of view, Salsa is based on the quick-quick-slow sequence, which means three steps are danced repeatedly for four times. There are more substyles of Salsa: Salsa Cubano, Salsa Columbiana, Salsa Cabaret. The term Salsa originated in New York after the long travels of this style. It is also a passionate dance that combines energetic music with sensual movements.


Swing is a vibrant dancing style and it can be perceived as an extremely entertaining one. It appeared at the end of the year 1920 and it was initially called Lindy. It was considered the most important dancing style of the century. Swing is easy to master, and it only includes a variety of fast-paced steps, which will allow you to be comfortable and flexible during dancing. Swing firstly appeared in New York. Many people consider swing a very demanding style of dance, but in reality, it is not difficult to master. There are certain dance movements that are representative of swing – the Lindy Hop, the Charleston and the Jitterbug. Swing includes a series of full turns and plenty of acrobatics and it involves holding hands with the partner instead of placing hands around the waist.


Flamenco, which is a very popular style, was born somewhere n the poorest areas of Andalusia. This dance includes culture aspects since it developed during the most troubled times of the 15th century, during the Spanish Inquisition. Flamenco is a very expressive type of dance and includes Arab-Hispanic nuances. Flamenco dances were the biggest attraction of famous cafes in Spain. The 18th century represents the moment of total ascension for this dance style. It is a mixture of different cultures, including the Jewish and Gypsy ones.

The first flamenco song was actually a passionate one, performed by marginalized peasants (like Jews or Gypsies). Flamenco is a flexible dance as well and has many sub-styles, especially when talking about music. Flamenco is considered both a style of dance and a music one. It consists of three different elements: voice, instruments, dancing. The lack of one of these elements Flamenco is not 100% pure. The hand gestures are very complex, and they include a lot of arm circles. The term Palmas describes the way time is marked in Flamenco. These hand movements help the dancers, the guitarist, and the singer hold the rhythm.

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