A trip to Athens

Athens is one of the world’s top touristic destinations. This is not surprising considering its extraordinary history for over 3,400 years, not to mention its numerous tourist attractions. As the capital and largest city of Greece, Athens is a great destination for a city break. Even though Athens is not renowned for its beaches, it would be a pity to make a trip to Greece and not take advantage of this occasion to sunbath and swim in the ocean. It is true that the beaches near Athens are not the best Greece can offer, but they are still extraordinary. Alimos beach for instance is a beautiful and large pebble beach situated before Grlyfada where you can sunbath, eat and have fun. The renowned summer Akanthus club will be held on this beach in 2014, so you can take advantage of this opportunity to try out a new form of entertainment. Alimos beach is an important destination both for tourists and locals. This is why the beach is equipped with everything you may need. You will find showers, changing rooms, toilets, sunbeds, parasols, bars, restaurants and now even the Akanthus club that will open its doors on 9th May 2014.

Those interested in the glorious past of Athens should find this city enchanting. There is proof of the ancient civilization that lived in this place thousands of years back everywhere you look in Athens. Considered the birthplace of civilization, this city and its edifices have become the center of attention and admiration in Europe. In fact, Acropolis is considered one of the seven wonders of modern society and with a good reason. This is the most famous and valuable archeological monument you can find in Europe and its rename has reached other continents as well. Another reason why Athens is such an important tourist destination beside its numerous invaluable monuments that date back to 5th BC is its scenery. Surrounded by mountains and with opening to the sea the capital city of Greece offers breathtaking views. You can also go to Πύλη αξιού τηλέφωνο.


After a walk around the most famous vestiges of ancient history, tourists can relax at one of the taverns with Greek specific and eat the most delicious cuisine. Athens does not lose in terms of entertainment either. Countless clubs and bars, including those on the beach like Akanthus club, are available all around this city. Enjoying the sea breeze sitting at a traditional Greek tavern, eating and drinking after you have admired the extraordinary monuments of the past sums up the best city break you can hope for. Athens is a great destination because it can offer tourists everything from mountain views and beautiful sandy beaches to international famous festivals and important archeological monuments. There are so many things to visit and to do in this beautiful city that it is almost impossible to find all its secrets and hidden destinations in a couple of days. This is why those interested in making a trip to this city should gather information about what Athens can offer and choose the routes that sound more promising.

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