About Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the most famous sports around the world. Millions of people enjoy watching tennis matches, and moreover, enjoy tennis betting, which can considerably increase the fun of the game. Tennis betting has changed from how it was some years ago, we can even say that it has improved, making bets more easy to place. In the past, you could only bet before a tennis match, as opposed to nowadays when you can bet before and during the tennis match (live betting), as well. You can place your bet on total games, on who wins the first set and whether or not your player will score a 2-1 or 2-0 to win. As a consequence of these changes, the betters have a wider selection of bets available for them. You simply need to know when to place a bet and when to hold back.

Tennis player ranking
Here is how you can begin to learn about tennis betting. Both men and women’s ranking are published every week in a cumulative system of 52 weeks. On account of their results, each player receives a specific number of points. If their results are good, their number of points and their ranking will be higher. Before you place a tennis bet, you need to make sure the odds on offer are sufficient and it is also wise to consult the rankings of each player. By checking the rankings you will learn many things about the player, for instance his overall skill level, and you will further comprehend that an attractive price is in fact a bad deal. In addition, there will be periods when the prices appear very attractive, even too attractive, in comparison to the rankings. Although the rankings represent a useful tool, there are also other things a bettor must take into consideration, for instance the seeding.

Seeding is a term often used in tennis betting. The seeding does not coincide all the time with the ranking since it is used for individual tournaments, therefore the best players do not meet in the opening rounds. Most of the times, the players who are seeded on the first and second position will play against each other in the finals. If the players ranked on the top 4 positions start in the tournament, their rank will be the same as their seed.

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