Academic Approach – A New Type of Education

Lately, a lot of education articles have featured debates over the need for a new approach toward education. In a world which is constantly changing, traditional education techniques are no longer productive. Academic approach is an education company whose purpose it is to change the traditional approach to education. The main purpose of this company is to prepare high school students for the academic standards that they will have to live up to, once they start attending a university. In order to achieve this purpose, this company aims to challenge the educational gaps of the students that prevent them from rising to the academic standards. It aspires to revolutionize the educational system which has stagnated for a long time now, despite the fact that the modern society is constantly changing and adapting.

Revolutionizing standardized tests

We have all read countless education articles which were analyzing the difference between college education requirements and high school class standards. After extensive educational studies, the members of Academic Approach concluded that there was a very big difference between the high school class standards and the college standards. Furthermore, high school students approached their classes and the standardized tests in different ways. In order for high school students to improve their curriculum, it is essential for them to approach both the classes and the standardized tests with the same dedication. This teaching-beyond-the-test method eliminates the strategies of standardized tests and aims to give the students a full academic experience throughout their high school years. In order to do so, the members of the Academic Approach company must work not only with the students but also with the parents and the entire school system. It is essential to provide academic support for the teachers and reach out not only to the advanced students but to all types of students.


Academic Approach offers tutoring and test preparation for multiple types of standardized tests such as the SAT, the ACT, the PSAT, the SSAT or the ISEE. They offer customized services for each student. They base their customized services on the fact that each student has individual needs and unlike the tests, the students are not standardized. All students have different learning styles, academic strengths and personalities. In order to understand the needs of each student, the company works not only with the students but also with their families. The test preparation strategies are designed in order to be easily integrated in each student’s lifestyle. Tests and score reports also play an important role in determining a student’s academic level but they are not the only indicators. The company has professional tutors which are trained in order to provide high quality teaching solutions which are adapted to every student’s needs.