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Smart Door Locks Pros and Cons – Is the New Home Security Tech Worth It?

Smart door locks provide increased home security, but like all other security devices, there are good sides and drawbacks to them. Before you rush to decide whether you should make the acquisition or not, we recommend that you continue to read as this presentation of their pros and cons will help you have an easier time deciding.

Pro #1 – You won’t have to carry keys with you anymore

The biggest advantage is that you won’t have to use a physical key to open the door anymore. Instead, you will either open it using your fingerprint, a PIN code, or an encrypted key on your smartphone. Therefore, you won’t be in danger of losing your keys anymore, and it will be a lot harder for burglars to break in.

Pro #2 – You can decide who can and can’t enter your home

You can discretely give access to others inside your home. Without a smart door lock, you have to make copies of a key and give it to the people who you want to have access, but with this smart addition, you will be able to send encrypted keys to others, and you will be able to delete the keys when you want as well. Therefore, you will limit the access of others into your home as you like.

Pro #3 – You can lock and unlock the door remotely

Of course, if the smart device is integrated with your home automation system or is compatible with your smartphone, you can lock and unlock it remotely. This is a great advantage for those who tend to be forgetful because it takes a big worry off of their minds.

Pro #4 – Home security system enhancement

In combination with a home security system which includes other equipment, it enhances the protection of your property. Say you have a security camera installed at the door and a smart lock – this means that you can see who is approaching the door and remotely lock it if it is a stranger or a potential intruder.

Pro #5 – Marketing appeal

The younger generation is all about tech, and if you want to sell or rent your property, it’s a big bonus to have a smart security measure set in place as it entices those interested to accept the deal, even allowing you to charge a bit more for the agreement or transaction you want to go through.

Con #1 – You will be locked out if there’s a power failure

A major disadvantage of models that are powered by electricity is the fact that they stop working when there’s a power failure. This means that you will be restricted from entering your own home in case the power goes out and you forgot or misplaced the key, but there is a solution to this problem. Instead of going with a lock that is powered by electricity, go with a model that is battery powered or features battery backup.

Con #2 – You might forget the PIN code

Another disadvantage is that you might forget the PIN code that you set. When you’re in a hurry to get back home, it’s completely awful to sit outside the door trying to remember the correct combination. Fortunately, the code can be changed and there are other means of entering, but this will be a major inconvenience nonetheless.

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