Air Display iPad App

Have you ever considered working with two monitors? For sure you’ve seen either in movies or at your friends who know more about computers, that they tend to work with more than one display. It is really efficient, for each and every of them show different programs. If you are a basketball addict for example you can think of the possibilities you can have with this iPad application that can offer you the opportunity of doing your work on a monitor and also of watching your favorite team game on another one. Usually, hackers or developers use more than one display to have a better efficiency at their work and a quicker progress. Once used to have two monitors it becomes hard to give up to one of them and continue working with a single monitor. People get used to having two screens at home, too, not only at their job, so there has been created the Air Display application for any iPad.

Air Display is the perfect solution to turn your own iPad into a second display, using the WiFi connection. Launched only a few weeks ago, it has already become a very used application, for everyone enjoys having double fun when working at the computer. Moreover, the entire connection between your laptop and the iPad is wireless, so that you don’t have to attach the two of them together, limiting our private space and liberty in movements. To be able to use the amazing Air Display you have to download the Air Display desktop and the iPad application. Installed on both systems, your iPad can be transformed into a display screen controlled with the help of a menu. Another benefit provided by Air Display, is the fact that you don’t necessary have to use a WiFi connection, for you can always create an ad hoc network, used to link the two objects together.

Moreover, the Air Display application has been tested by developers, so it will work with your computer for sure. However, there could appear some delay registration on the screen when using the iPad display as a second monitor. An advantage for the use of the Air Display application is the fact that you can watch videos, almost as clearly as you would enjoy them on the large screen of your personal computer. In addition to this, the Air Display has an amazing mouse operation that is flawless and very precise, appreciated by anyone who already tried this application for their iPad. This upgrade can be used both as a portrait and as a landscape mode for the screen, for you can immediately switch in between these two, with a switch of the iPad. No other menu options have to be turned on, for it has an automatic switching system, sensitive at moves.

Overall, the Air Display application can come in handy, especially when you are far away from home, on road trips and you need the use of a second monitor to increase your yearn in working. If you strictly need a second display, then you should give this application a try and see if it is compatible with your work studies. At the price of only 9,99 dollars, the Air Display application represents a cool upgrade for your iPad. Though it doesn’t work magic, improvements are on their way so that new features will be available for this great software.

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