All You Need to Know About a Tennis Tournament

The first professional tennis tournament was created in 1926 and it featured a group of American and French players offering presentation games to the audience who had to pay money to see them performing. The most notable tennis figures those days were the American Vinnie Richards and the French woman Suzanne Lenglen.

One of the most interesting things about the first tennis tournament is the fact that professional players weren’t allowed to compete against amateurs, so they couldn’t enter the major tournaments. However, these rules changed in 1968 when some amateurs were caught taking money under the table, which led to a new concept according to which all tennis players could participate in any tournament.

The most prestigious tennis events are the four Grand Slam tournaments that take place each year. They offer the most ranking points that can help a tennis player achieve a better position in the best tennis players’ classifications, and make their wishes come true.

These tours also provide the best prize money which represents a motivational factor when it comes to fighting for the first place. Serena Jameka Williams is a professional female tennis player who won more than $50 million by practicing this sport. She was ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association World No.1, so besides gaining a great title she was also able to enjoy a well deserved remuneration.

These international tennis circuits also provide the optimum size of field which attracts a large number of spectators and media representatives. They are divided into four championships: the French Open, the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Furthermore, each one of them is played over a period of time of two weeks.

The US and Australian Open competitions are played on hard courts, the French Open on clay and Wimbledon on grass. Simona Halep, who is a Romanian professional tennis player, managed to win tournaments that were played on every main surface. As she was able to improve her skills very fast, she was ranked World No. 7 by the WTA.

The Grand Slam is a term that was borrowed from bridge, and refers to the achievement of winning all four competitions in the same year. However, there exists the possibility that a player could win three tennis tours one year, and another tennis tournament the next year. This achievement is known as Non-Calendar Year Grand Slam. There are five major disciplines that tennis players can opt for: women’s and men’s singles, women’s, men’s, and mixed doubles.

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