All You Need to Know About Ice Hockey Positions

As in any other team, an ice hockey team is made from players who have a specific goal and position. Some teammates have the job to score goals, while others need to protect their net and help others to score by making fast decisions and performing at the highest level. In order to understand better which the ice hockey positions are, we have prepared a list that will help you learn more about this sport.

The goalie occupies one of the most difficult hockey positions because the whole team trusts in his abilities of keeping the puck out of the net. A good goalkeeper can lead his team into important championships, and it can help it win important competitions. This principle is available in all sports.

A player who occupies a defense position has the responsibility to protect the goal and to do whatever he can to prevent the other team from scoring. There are two types of defense players which are divided into to groups: the offensive and the stay-at-home defense. The last category is made from players who don’t like to take risks, so they prefer to defend the goal against their competition, which is the reason why they don’t score very often.

The offensive defense refers to those players who get involved in the game by trying to score as much as they can. Therefore, they can get very aggressive sometimes, especially because as they go very deep into the other team’s area, they leave their own net unprotected. So, that represents an advantage for the opposite team which might gain control of the puck.

The right wing is a player who is in charge with working the right side of the ice, which means that he must handle the attacks of the other team’s left defense man. Furthermore, the left wing also has to be a physical player, and he must deliver a high performance in the corners and along the boards.

For the center positions, couches usually use people with creativity and intelligence because they must play in a strategic way in order to obtain the desired result. They must be good at passing, face-offs and at searching opportunities to score. It is all for the best if such a player is a good shot as well, because that way the victory is almost guaranteed. Therefore, this is one of the ice hockey positions that is very complex, especially because the supporters and the fans rely on the player who occupies it to play at both ends of the ice.

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