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Angry Birds Trilogy (for Nintendo Wii) Review

Released on August 13, 2013, Angry Birds Trilogy (for Nintendo Wii) is single player game of strategy and puzzles, developed by Fun Labs and published by Activision.Unlike Minecraft and other games which have been around and extremely popular for a large number of years, Angry Birds is a fairly newcomer to the charts. To continue the comparison to the above mentioned titan of the gaming industry, this game does not need additional IT solutions, such as the incredibly affordable and efficient Minecraft server hosting, having a fairly simple and straightforward concept.


To begin our Angry Birds Trilogy (for Nintendo Wii) review, we must first point put that this game started out as a modest iPhone application and in only four years it has pervaded our culture in a great manner. The original game paved the way of many books, toys, even an animated TV series and it also paved the road with many Angry Birds t-shirt, caps or other clothing items and not only.

You may ask yourself the question “why?” and in this Angry Birds Trilogy (for Nintendo Wii) review we will offer you the many reasons why this game is so famous, why it has been ported on so many gaming platforms, why it has influenced our culture so greatly, and why people wear Angry Birds hats and shirts. The simplest answer to these questions, as you probably have assumed by now, is that Angry Birds is a great game!

The goal of the game Angry Birds Trilogy (for Nintendo Wii) is to destroy towers filled with piggies by throwing an array of birds that have different abilities at those piggies. You throw these birds from across the map with the use of a huge slingshot. As we learn through a series of animated pictures, the piggies have stolen the eggs of the birds and, obviously, the birds are not happy about this; the birds are totally entitled to be angry, you would not be happy, either, if someone kidnapped your children and then ate them. By destroying the towers and thus killing the piggies you earn points and stars on each level; perfectionist will probably force themselves to reach the maximum of three stars and will play the stages again and again until they succeed.

Angry Birds Trilogy (for Nintendo Wii) features a cheerful cartoony style that is quite entertaining, accompanied by the loud soundtrack that matches it perfectly. It is a fun game that can be played by the entire family as they will all be entertained by it.

The readers who are familiar with the game will surely notice the use of the word “Trilogy” present in the title of the game; this is because, as you may have already guessed, this game (that is on a single disc) actually combines three previous Angry Birds games in full. These three games vary thematically, but the essence of the game is still the same throughout it. We strongly recommend you to try out both of the two incredible games mentioned in this article, Minecraft using server hosting and Angry Birds Trilogy on Nintendo Wii.

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