Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth is a quite interesting war game, developed for the iPad tablet. Kids love playing violent games and they find it quite attractive developing new strategies to beat their enemies. This iPad game was specially created to get rid of the play stations that occupy a lot of space in the room and the wires that disturb you the most.

Similar to all of the famous war games, the Anomaly Warzone Earth has an interesting story, giving you the possibility to protect Earth from the massive attacks it receives after the stroke of a comet. Aliens simply come to get their hands on what’s left of this planet and you, as a survivor, have to stop all of those troops and destroy their artillery. You will have an aerial view of everything that happens and you can move your soldiers towards a targeted place, near the enemy, to start a battle.

What is more, before every mission, you can choose to purchase more armor and other necessary things, provided by this amazing iPad app. You can also provide your men with unique war abilities for a short period of time. You have special items to distract your enemies and fiercely attack them!

This incredible iPad app has amazing graphics and a well organized interface that will help a lot in the tapping process of the game. This way, you will be tested on how good you are facing a crisis period and also if you can be a good leader and fulfill your goals in life! The Anomaly Warzone Earth is an entertainment for both kids and adults, providing many interesting challenges.

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