Anonymous Blogging

Blogging began as a form to express opinions on the World Wide Web by publishing certain contents and ideas. Due to the consequence that some bloggers adopted they experienced a large audience and lots of attention and popularity as their writings developed a readership. However, there are certain people who are not comfortable with the idea of exposing personal information to their readers, so they turn to anonymous blogging as an alternative.

Anonymous blogging is reflected in the maintenance of a blog under author anonymity. They are written by one or more authors, and they are different by fake blogs which are created by organizations that have the goal to promote certain products, services or political views. This electronic communication methods have three forms:

  • They can have a full anatomy which implies using an obvious fake name, and they show no personal details. Therefore, you won’t be able to find any photographs, or information about the author’s location or hobbies. That represents a trick to prevent you from determining the blogger’s identity.
  • The semi-anonymity is a type of anonymous blogger that uses a pseudonym title which displays certain identifying details in order to establish a certain credibility. The author turns to this strategy because he wants to attract as many readers as he can. However, the information he provides is not enough to allow you establishing his identity, since he only sustains that he is real without sharing any personal data.
  • The secret identity is the most easy for readers to accommodate with, because in this form, the author is who he says he is, but he adopts an alternate identity which exists as an extension to the first blogging identity.

Anonymous blogging can debate various subjects, but the most popular ones are included in the following categories:

  • Political topics reflect the opinions that a blogger has regarding a country’s political situation. They represent an influencing tool, especially if the debates grow due to the big number of readers. So, they can add power to a political debate.
  • Revolutionary and counter-revolutionary subjects can inspire people to take measures against a violent state and against the injustices that they are forced to suffer.
  • Religious comments reflect certain point of views that people have regarding the customs and rituals that some religions integrate.
  • Company insider topics are the ones that allow certain employees to complain about the work conditions that exist at their job. The most famous blogger who reported on her company’s operations was Heather Armstrong, who got fired for writing “satirical accounts” on her personal blog.

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