Are Chinchillas as Pets a Good Idea

Chinchillas originated in South America, but due to their cuteness and their attractive characteristics people started to sell them as pets to those who love quick and perky animals. They don’t have an unpleasant smell and they are not very noisy. Furthermore, the must important thing is that they have a long life span which makes the idea of chinchillas as pets seem perfect.

Like any others tiny animals, chinchillas are not recommended for families with children, because if they are squeezed too hard they can bite to defend themselves. So, keep that in mind next time when you think as chinchillas as pets, because you don’t want them to provoke any injuries to your children. However, if you don’t have any kids, you will love them for their soft fur and for their spontaneous personality.

If you want to adopt such a pet we recommend you to buy them immediately after they are born, because that way you can build their personality. You must constantly handle them and pet them, otherwise they will grow aggressive, and you won’t be able to play with them as you would wish.

Unfortunately there are people who sell chinchillas as pets just to make profit, so they won’t inform you if there are any problems with the animals. That is why you must check them for watery eyes, missing areas of fur and wool pooling. All these signs might be caused by a bad diet or stress, so you can prevent certain illnesses from appearing by supplying them proper meals. They can consist of spinach, endive, escarole and timothy hay.

There are some aliments that are too rich in sugars, and that is why you should avoid feeding your pet carrots, corn, apples, beans and potatoes. Otherwise, they can poison the intestinal flora of your pet. Opting for chinchillas as pets can offer you many satisfactions, especially if you are a person who loves animals and knows how to take good care of them.

However, no matter how cute your pet might seem, don’t let him run around the house because he will chew everything he can. Our advice is to buy a cage which is big enough to offer him all the space he needs. In order to create him all the optimum conditions, you must integrate in his cage a packing box because he loves to have a place to hide in when he wants to feel secure. Since these animals love dust bathing, you can also supply your pet a dish with cornflour.

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