Ash Blonde Hair Color – A New Trend

Blonde is a hair color which will never run out of style. According to the fashion trends, this color is constantly reinventing itself. This year may be the year of the platinum blonde hair color, while next year it will be the honey highlights which will conquer all women. Nevertheless, we can all agree on the fact that blonde is the most popular hair color. On doll times, the special ash blonde hair color is undergoing a new era. This season ash blonde hair color is the new trend.

“Blonde is not never out of fashion!” That is certainly true. Experts in fashion and hairstyles and those who are familiar with the reports and the trends of fashion can confirm that the new trendy blonde is a very special touch. Currently, extraordinarily bright and matte shades of blonde are rampant. Trendy shade of ash blonde hair color seems self-confident, cool, unconventional and conservative all at once.

A look at your wardrobe will tell if this ash blonde hair color is right for you. Do you prefer red raspberry rather than a red orange? You like cool colors such as dove gray, white or blue jeans because these colors perfectly match your skin? If so, then ash blond will you fit right. If you’ve got a healthy sense of humor, you won’t hesitate to make a big change from darker colors to lighter ones like ash blonde. In a worst case scenario, you start opting for some short haircuts as well, and you’ve got yourself a totally new look. Moreover, your hair will grow back, and you’ll be able to try other things as well.

How can you make ash blonde hair color expressive and illuminating:

Following bleach the hair to get that ash blonde so trendy, you eliminate the natural hair pigments. Existing red pigments can cause a yellowish tint in the process. If your hair has red pigments, you should use the new bleaching products with new combinations of pigment formula that neutralizes yellowish tint of the hair and fixed the shade of mat blonde.

Red pigments are difficult to eliminate in discoloration process. Let your stylist to help you with the first dyeing into ash blonde if your hair has obvious reddish tones.

Blonde hair makes you see life in color. Blonde hair transforms you in a star wherever you go. Whether it is caramel or the new trend ash blonde hair color, you should learn from the experts who are trends in color and how you can care for colored hair. They will help you create a really bright image with blonde of the hair.

Artificial blonde must necessarily not look cheap, but rather amazingly beautiful. Things are even more challenging when aiming for shades of platinum blonde hair.  Discoloration should therefore be done carefully and with a good sense of color. Soft blond hair, natural look is beautiful. Even brunettes can move to that color hair.

Daring Brunettes can use a solution for stripping at home to lighten the hair up to eight shades. It is important not to let into hair bleaching solution for more than 45 minutes.

Ash blonde hair color is definitely the new trend. Every women wants to try it because can match to a lot of skin types.

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