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The Authoritarian Parenting Style and Its Effects

The authoritarian parenting style is a parenting style characterized by an extremely firm attitude towards the behavior of their children. Parents who usually approach this parenting style expect a child to follow rules and to obey restrictions that are set out with little or no effort or without communicating with the child. These are the types of parents who think that they know everything there is to know about raising a child. If they ever look for parenting tips discipline is the only thing on their mind.

Psychologist Diana Baumrind concluded in her studies on parenting that this parenting style is emotionally rigid and harsh. Authoritarian parents are not able to respond adequately to their children’s requests and are not able to offer the children enough nurturing, while they are too demanding and they do not regard open communication as an option. These parents consider that they are the persons in charge and their children should obey to their demands without questioning them.

Parents who use the authoritarian parenting style expect that their children will conform to their rules without trying to negotiate them and if they break a rule the consequence of such an act of disobedience is utter punishment. Their parenting tips discipline solutions involve the use of yelling and spanking as measures of control of their children’s behavior. These methods are often employed when the children are younger. Moreover, they expect their children to be of high standards and obedience is extremely valued. Parents exercising the authoritarian parenting are not very affectionate, nor very emotional. They are often judgmental of their children’s behavior and they fail to meet their expectations.

The effects of the authoritarian parenting style

Children who are parented in an authoritarian manner:

  • seldom learn to use their own head
  • feel compelled to obey
  • usually become withdrawn, for a social point of view
  • are perhaps angry, stressed, frustrated, resentful
  • tend to fear failure
  • usually have self-esteem problems
  • develop anger towards any signs of authority

The reasons why some parents choose this approach are multiple and vary from parent to parent. Some parents are forced by their cultural or ethnic backgrounds and by nationality. Other parents of this type were brought up by parents who were also authoritarian and they just shape their style a little, instead of considering other style of parenting. There are also parents who feel that if they do not threaten their children physically and verbally and actually do it think their children need to be under control every time and obedient, as well.

The authoritarian parenting style is not an appreciated, nor is it a supported type of parenting, as rules should never be considered means of control or power over their children.

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