Backpacking Checklist

If you are planning an outdoor trip with your family, the following backpacking checklist will be helpful to take with you everything necessary.  Like in all activities, you should properly prepare a trip and for this the most useful is to make a list of things to carry and go adding all the other things that you consider you might need. A good technique for this is to think of the items you use when you wake up and until you fall asleep at night, so you can be sure that you will take most of the things. To help you, here is a backpacking checklist, so you can organize outdoor adventures having a basis.

First, your backpacking checklist should include general items: compass or GPS, area map, binoculars, lamp, stove and fuel, twine, matches, shampoo, soap, tent, bags, camera, pencil, paper, pots, teapot, mirror, lipstick, coolers, sewing items, safety pins, fishing articles, cards, money, identification documents.

Do not forget about personal items: backpack, flashlights and batteries, extra batteries, utility knife, toothbrush and toothpaste, matches in waterproof container, deodorant, towel, water bottle, plastic cup, plastic plates, fork, spoon, toilet paper, napkins, book, clock, sleeping bag, hat (for sun and cold weather), sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproofs, soap, medications and other personal items that are useful.

Your backpacking checklist should also include clothing: boots, shoes, socks, underwear, shirt, t-shirt, swimsuit, long pants (jeans), jacket, gloves, sleep clothes. As for food, take the following: sandwiches, noodles for soup, canned vegetables, potatoes, oil, salt, sugar, honey, almonds and raisins, juice in small bottles, water, eggs, bread, soy meat, cheese, milk powder. Moreover, a first aid kit should not miss from your backpacking checklist as well as bug repellents, cream for muscle pain, iodine, bandages.

The amount of items depends on the number of days, people, place, and other factors but the elements are the same. As for food, you can take what you like to eat, but try to eat healthy and regain your strength, and also try not to take food that alters quickly. This backpacking checklist is quite general, so it can be used for various types of outdoor trips, only to remove unnecessary items depending on the trip. The most general outdoor adventure is to go to the mountains for several days of walking, where you must bring everything you will need. But, be prepared for any situation of heat and cold and possible rain.

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