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Be a yoga teacher: career guide


When it comes to yoga, most people think about wellbeing, equilibrium and being at peace with yourself. While all of these things are true, what’s also true is that the number of people engaging in yoga and Pilates courses increases by the day. It’s also great time for some people who have become extremely passionate about this “sport” to turn it into a successful career. This article is a guide that all those who want to become yoga instructors should read. From attending the right yoga teacher training Toronto courses to preparing for the first lesson, you have everything you need in the following article.

How do you know a yoga career is right for you?

Most people who are interested in becoming yoga teachers have already been practising it for a while now. They went to courses and were taught by professional and skilled yoga teachers what to do and how to make those specific movements. But how do you know it’s time you took this passion to the next level and turn it into a way of making a living? Well, the answer is quite simple – you have a desire to teach others what you have learnt about this sport, to show them the techniques you have learnt and to make them enjoy every single minute of their yoga class. That’s the moment you should start preparing for becoming a yoga instructor.

Learn more about yoga

The yoga instructor career starts with one simple, yet extremely important step – learning everything it is to know about yoga. You are preparing to become a teacher, which means that you have to be ready to answer any intricate question you may receive from one of your future students related to yoga. Take courses in various types of yoga in order to be easier for you to understand which style best fits you. Try courses such as Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Hatha, or Bikram yoga. Keep in mind that each style differs in the type of teacher and the facility where the courses are held. Make sure you know about these differences before you select a yoga course to attend.

Choose your mentor

According to experts, a mentor will help you a lot in becoming the professional yoga instructor you wish to be. They can learn aspiring teachers make the difference between the different types of techniques available, when and why to use each of them, as well as the differences between the styles of yoga. Furthermore, most mentors also have a great influence when it comes for aspiring teachers to decide on the training program that matches their interests best.

Go to a teacher training course and complete it

To many people yoga implies just sitting in the right posture, just as the teacher tells them, but what they don’t actually know is the reason why teachers ask them to sit that way. The answer is more complicated than it seems. In yoga teacher training courses, wannabe instructors have to take physiology and anatomy courses, yoga philosophy and instructional techniques courses. Depending on various aspects, training courses may take 200 or 500 hours in total. Experts strongly suggest that it is best to network with peers and teachers while in school. These training courses won’t guarantee you a job in the field once you complete them. You should network with other classmates or with some of your teachers to gain experience and to increase your chances to find a job in the field later on.

Know the market

 Just like in many other domains, competition among yoga instructors is extremely high, especially when speaking about certain areas. It is recommended you think about a new and unique approach to make yourself stand out from the crowd and convince wannabe students you are a much better choice than any other yoga teacher on the market.

Get registered

People who complete yoga training programs that meet the strict guidelines that the Yoga Alliance established are allowed to apply for obtaining credential from the Registered Yoga Teacher organization. Although this registration is optional, many specialists in the field advise new yoga instructors to obtain it, because this increases their chances for having that successful career they have been long dreaming at. Employers tend to prefer working with credentialed instructors.

Find the perfect job

Many yoga instructors work on their own, as they don’t like to have a fixed schedule and go to the same location every day. However, if you are a more organized type of person and you don’t want to completely get out of your comfort zone, you should start looking for a job in a studio. Make a list of the studios that offer jobs as yoga teachers in your region and pay each of them a visit. This will help you learn more about each studio, about the other people working there, and you will get to see how the premises look like. Narrow down the list and select the ones that got your attention more. Apply for the open job positions and get ready for the interview part.

Don’t stop learning

Even though you have now become a registered and credentialed yoga instructor, this doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Experts in this field never stop learning. They continue to attend seminars and workshops that help them keep up to date with the latest news in this domain. Worth mentioning is also that the Yoga Alliance requires teachers that are registered there to complete an amount of 75 hours of continuing education within three years. This implies 45 hours of teaching yoga and attending other additional classes for the rest of hours.

Final thoughts

To conclude, becoming a yoga teacher is not as simple as many would think. It implies a lot of hard work, dedication and time spent efficiently. It is mandatory to select the right yoga teacher training courses, keeping in mind all the differences between the many courses available on the market, not to mention about the importance of continuing studying yoga even after you have become a successful instructor.

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