Beaver’s Revenge iPad App

Beaver’s Revenge is among the best applications for your iPad! The graphics is absolutely amazing and the design looks fabulous on the screen. Beaver’s Revenge is an interactive game that implies attacking on a certain criteria. Better than the Angry Birds, but based on the same principle, this game app for your tablet helps getting rid of the bored actions done to make time passing quicker and more interesting.

The entire game is about revenge. You play the role of a beaver who wants to protect his habitat destroyed by men and their machines. The advantage is that in Beaver’s Revenge for iPad, you get to choose your own projectiles to launch towards men’s camping and working projects. With the help of a slingshot found on the left of the screen, you fire different small animals against human plans. The fish goes straight to the target, while other creatures release bombs in the air when they are tapped with the finger. But the funniest one is certainly the skunk which uses his horrible smell to create terror among lumberjacks.

Beaver’s Revenge is a game agreed by many people of different ages, for adults like playing it, too. Structured on different levels, you have to accomplish your tasks and destroy entirely the work done by men who want to transform your forest into an urban zone.

All in all, Beaver’s Revenge is quite an addiction for the little ones, impressing through its stylish design and great gameplay. It’s really fun spending time on this amazing application.

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