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Best and Worst 2016 Fitness Trackers

Before making any type of purchase, it’s best to inform yourself of the products that interest you. This way, you avoid investing in an item that isn’t worth your money. If you lead an active lifestyle and you exercise on a daily basis, you have surely already considered using a fitness tracker to monitor your evolution and performance. To make sure that the fitness tracker you buy is of a great quality, you should continue to read our article. Here you will find out which are the best and worst fitness trackers of 2016.

Fitbit Charge HR – best fitness tracker on the market

The Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker might come at the price of around $180, but the price is totally justified, especially considering that this fitness tracker is the best model on the market. This model is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. It has an impressive battery life of 5 days. The 0.7-inch OLED display makes it easy for anyone to use it. The superior pulse tracking ability, and the fact that it can automatically detect exercises like running and cycling make it the best choice to go with. In addition, this fitness tracker is able to set challenging weekly fitness goals that will help you get in shape and maintain a good health.

Microsoft Band 2 – a great, versatile fitness tracker

Another great fitness tracker of 2016 is the Microsoft Band 2 that comes at the price of around $160. The stylish fitness tracker is compatible with all types of smartphones, no matter their operating system. It features 11 sensors that offer accurate information about your daily activity and your workout routine. It’s ideal to use by those who go to the gym or those who practice activities like running, golf, cycling, and many other sports. In addition, it takes only 90 minutes for the battery of the fitness tracker to fully recharge.

Jawbone UP3 – a pricey disappointment

While Jawbone UP3 has some good parts, this fitness tracker is a bad choice to go with. What makes it a disappointment is the $180 price tag that is way above average, and the fact that the price isn’t justified by the capabilities of the gadget. When this fitness tracker was launched, the bio-impedance heart rate monitor that it featured only measured resting heart rate. This might be an important health indicator, but the usefulness of the heart rate monitor has been limited too much, leading to disappointed customers. Overall, when compared to other models on the market, the Jawbone UP3 is a pricey disappointment.

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