Best and Worst Things About Living in Columbus

Following a recent reduction in persons moving away, Columbus has witnessed a recent increase in people moving back to the city. Columbus has a suburban air to it, which might be appealing to families looking for more room and a good place to raise their children than larger, more densely populated cities. Here are some pros and cons of living in Columbus.

Short Winters

You’ll have a great time in this state throughout the winter. Slow flurries are the only thing to be concerned about, not freezing temperatures. Snow days are uncommon, so you won’t have to shovel it. Residents rarely wear winter jackets, bulky sweaters, or gloves, even on colder days. School is canceled in the event of a snowstorm. If you prefer milder winters, The Empire State of the South is the place to be.


Georgia is home to some of the best colleges, universities, and schools in the country. Among the public and private schools are prestigious research universities, liberal arts schools, and historically black colleges and universities. Buford and Decatur have the best school districts. Georgian students enjoy football in addition to their studies. The Georgia Bulldogs, for example, have a sizable fan base in this state.

Southern Hospitality

The Peach State exudes southern friendliness. Georgia is hands down, the most hospitable of all the southern states. Georgia’s appeal is defined by genuine friendliness, politeness, generosity, charity, helpfulness, and fantastic home cooking.


Georgia is rich in natural beauty. The Peach State offers it everything, from rivers to parks to beaches. Hiking in scenic parks like the Amicalola is a terrific way to get some exercise. If you like sightseeing, head to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Stone Mountain is another fantastic site. This massive rock offers a never-ending supply of outdoor adventure.

Hot Summers

Georgia, like other southern states, has hot summers. During the summer, the temperatures are intolerable. Summers are extremely humid, in addition to the high temperatures. The oppressive humidity and heat will quickly saturate your clothes. Despite their adaptation to the climate, many still seek relief in the mountains. Others prefer to stay inside and use their air conditioners.

Places to Rent

Houses for rent in Columbus GA are in high demand, and those wanting to rent claim the procedure is difficult. Many renters are currently settling into their current residences due to the difficulty in finding new leases and they are concerned about the security of their jobs.


Try Atlanta if you believe your city’s traffic is bad. Atlanta’s traffic is just horrendous. This city is popular with visitors and business travelers, and it has one of the busiest airports in the country. As a result, Atlanta is constantly congested. If you don’t have the patience to sit in traffic for hours, don’t move to Atlanta.

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