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Best Celebrity Bodies of 2013

Are you sad that summer is long gone and you have to face the snow and the cold of winter? We have something that may bring a smile upon your faces and brighten up your cold day. Not so long ago celebrities were still, some of them probably are still, showing off their beach bodies all over the world. Therefore, we have managed to gather a pretty good looking collection of photos of the best celebrity bodies we could get our eyes on.

We have chosen what we thought would be the most appealing bodies of the much missed summer of 2013. So, we will let you check out the following collection of the best celebrity bodies of 2013.

On April 6 2013, Jessica Alba managed once again to wow the crowds when she boasted her toned and sexy bikini body in St. Barts. After giving birth to Honor and Haven, she stated that she needed to wear a double corset night and day for a period of three months. However, she eventually found a way to lose that corset and buy this sexy bikini that fits her so well.

One of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Olivia Wilde has also one of the best celebrity bodies. Luckily for us she boasted her sensual and toned body in swimming suits all summer long. She was seen parading around in her tiny bikinis on May 26, 2013 in Maui, Hawaii. What’s great about miss Wilde is that her beauty is all natural, and she has never went under the knife for body changes. Sometimes, when you look at celebrity before and after plastic surgery, you see that perhaps it wasn’t the best option, because in some instances the person just ends up looking too different. Let’s hope Olivia will know how to age gracefully, without appealing to artificial methods of preserving youth.

Bar Rafaeli is another celebrity with a great body. We can admire her thin but also curvy body in the picture below from July 21, 2013 in Formentera, Spain. No wonder she attracted some of the most wanted bachelors in Hollywood, she looks pretty amazing in this colorful bikini!

Enough with the hot women! We have one hot stud and that could kill us with his criminal abs! The star of Criminal minds, Shemar Moore showed off his perfectly toned and muscled up body on March 8, 2013 in Miami Beach. All the female fans turned red of blushing and the guys…well, they were not so thrilled about him – they probably turned green of envy. You can have a look as his killer abs below.

We all know Hayden Panettiere has a great sculpted body, but offering us the chance to view her body as well as her fiance’s, Wladimir Klitschko, extremely toned and massive body is just a delight for the eyes! We can also admire their matching toned bodies flaunting in swimming suits during their vacation in Hollywood, Florida, on May 12, 2013. We can honestly declare that they own a couple of the best celebrity bodies.

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