Best Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

For those who are overweight, finding the perfect costume may seem like an intimidating task. When it comes to buying a Halloween costume, you’ll have to make sure that it represents who you are and that it highlights your best features. Furthermore, it also has to be very comfortable. In this article, we provide you with 4 plus size Halloween costumes 2015 ideas that you can wear during a Halloween party or trick-and-treating session.

Zombie flapper girl

It’s Halloween night, and you’ve just resurrected from the dead after so many years spent in your grave. You just came back from the 20s, so you’re still wearing your little cabaret dress. You will definitely amaze all the other living dead! This Charleston zombie costume consists of a stained gray dress with several rows of fringe at the skirt and a headband matched with a long black feather. Don’t forget to add a few splashes of fake blood before leaving the house. This costume for woman is feminine and glamorous, as well as terrifying!

Roman goddess

If you want to amaze your guests at the Halloween party, go dressed up as a beautiful Roman goddess. Wear a loose long dress, one that highlights your best features. Draw inspiration from Roman goddesses, such as Venus, Juno or Diana or Ceres. You can easily create a Roman goddess costume with some basic clothing items. Opt for a white satin dress, decorated with gold patterns. Leave your hair loose and wavy and wear a golden headband, for a more authentic look. The last element that you’ll have to add for the outfit to be complete are a gold pair of shoes or sandals.

Witch of the West

If you love Wizard of the Oz, but you’ve started to get tired of wearing the same Dorothy costume each and every Halloween, you will love this next costume, but beware, you will not have the starring role in the land of Oz! This western witch costume consists of a black long dress with puffy sleeves, a green belt and matching pointed hat. Take this costume to the next level by wearing green makeup and a fake crooked nose.

The Grim Reaper

The best-known symbol of death is that of the reaper. On Halloween, creating a terrifying and horrible disguise is a general rule, and this creepy disguise will help you achieve that. This costume is perfect for someone who want to look slimmer and feel comfortable at the same time. Wear a black loose tunic, one that preferably comes with a hood and tie a white rope around your waist. Your scary costume is not complete until you bring your schythe (fake scythe, obviously) with you.

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