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Best Pool Cleaning Tools

Whether you own a small pool or a large residential pool keep in mind that it’s important to maintain the pool on a regular basis. You can either choose to do it manually, by using all sorts of cleaning tools or mechanically, by using a robotic pool cleaner that basically does everything for you. In this next article, we will show you which are the most efficient pool cleaning tools that all homeowners should have.

Telescoping Pole

When shopping for pool cleaning tools, the first thing that should be on your list is the telescopic pole. Without a telescopic pole, you can’t use all sorts of brushes and vacuum heads. Telescopic handles come in a variety of lengths and are generally made of fiberglass or aluminum, which is the best material.

Vacuum Heads

In order to pick up debris, such as leaves, dirt and all sorts of small materials, it’s important to vacuum the pool as often as you can. Vacuum heads can be purchased separately but they basically connect to the telescopic pole and the vacuum hose. You should know that there are two main types of vacuum heads: one head that comes with wheel, appropriate for concrete pools and another that has brushes which makes it more suitable for vinyl lined pools.

Pool Brushes

It’s highly recommended to brush the swimming pools once a week in order to keep them clean. By brushing the swimming pool, you can remove algae and dirt that settles on the walls and floors of the pools. Consider opting for stainless steel brushes if you have a swimming pool made of concrete or plaster. For vinyl pool, plastic bristle brushes are more suitable because they can’t scratch the surface.

Leaf Bagger

If you are living in an area where your house is surrounded by trees, then a leaf bagger could be of great help here. The Leaf Bagger is basically a jet style vacuum that uses water from your garden hose to create pressure. The high water pressure pushes the dirt and debris into a bag.

Robotic pool cleaners

For larger pools, and particularly for public pools it is best to use robotic pool cleaners that are fully programmable. They generally come with a water pump and a filter system. The device is equipped with an electronic system that can be programmed according to your needs. The pool cleaning devices have circular brushes, foam or rubber on the front and on the back as well. Robotic pool cleaners scrub the surface of the pool by removing impurities which come along with the pumped water into the filtration system. As the device is pressed against the surface of the pool with the pump, it is able to climb the sides of the pool and also the stairs. The devices are connected via a cable to a connector located on the edge and feature small engines (typically 24V) to avoid possible shock.

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