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Best Rated Outdoor Infrared Heaters

Your patio needs a heater if you want to turn it into a cozy place all year round and the infrared heater is the best choice for outdoor use for many reasons. Aside from the pleasant heat they create, infrared heaters are also extremely versatile, easy to install and transport, and not least, efficient in operating. These being said, let’s see which are the best rated outdoor infrared heaters that can keep you warm in the cold season.

Heat Storm Tradesman 1500 Outdoor Infrared Heater

This is a wall-mounted model that can heat up your patio with the 1500-watts of power that enable it to spread enough heat without the need of fans. This means that the heater is very silent while remaining efficient in distributing heat. Thanks to the new led bulbs, there is less red light created so the heat is more intense for increased comfort. The housing is weatherproof to ensure a safe outdoor operating and there are no emissions to endanger your health even if you stay very close to the heater. The Heat Storm costs only $122 so you can consider it a bargain.

Fire Sense Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater with Patio Umbrella Pole Attachment

This infrared patio heater consists of 3 smaller heaters that create a total of 1,500 watts so the heat created can be widely spread to a large area. No UV rays are created by this heater although it emits a type of heat that is similar to sun heat, so you can rest assured that you will be safe and warm at the same time. The heater weighs only 8 pounds and comes with a pole attachment that allows you to attach it to a patio umbrella so you can enjoy the pleasant warmth coming from above even if it’s raining. The $139 price has been lowered to $94 for even more convenience.

Fire Sense Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Tabletop Heater

Bring the heat closer to you with this tabletop heater that safely stands on tall items without tilting of falling. The large heater is supported by a large and sturdy base and the heat is almost instantaneous thanks to the prompt start. Despite being very efficient in warming an outdoor area, this heater doesn’t require too much electricity as the heat is very durable and the operating is energy-saving. This heater is available in stainless steel and copper with prices ranging from $115 to $132.

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