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Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

Pets are adorable, and we love them and treat them like they are part of the family. But these beloved companions leave behind a lot of fur, which can be really inconvenient and unhealthy, especially if you have a small child in the house. Cats and dogs shed fur constantly, and it’s small and hard to pick up. Read the following lines and find out which is the best robot vacuum for pet hair that will help you enjoy the best part of your furry friends.

iRobot Roomba 880

The iRobot Roomba 880 is considered by most to be the best robot vacuum cleaner overall, not only when it comes to vacuuming pet hair. It tackles all kind of debris from all floor types, and it goes over or around obstacles, not needing assistance from a human. It’s very easy to program it to clean when you’re away, therefore when you and your family come back, you won’t find your dear cat standing and staring at you bored with a trail of fur behind it. It has a big suction power, being able to pick up any type of animal hair, no matter how long or short it is. This is very important especially when the animal sheds fur because the place will be even messier than normal.

Neato Botvac D80

The fact that this robot vacuum cleaner is shaped like the letter D allows it to catch corners easily and in an efficient way. This way, even the hair and debris found in the corners of the rooms will be removed by it. Also, it has a special brush to pick up hair, which comes in handy if you have a pet with short hair. Short hair from cats or dogs can be really stubborn and hard to pick up normally, but this isn’t a problem with the Neato Botvac D80. One charge lasts 120 minutes, being more than enough time to finish vacuuming, no matter how many piles of fur are around, and it takes only 180 minutes to charge it fully. Just like the iRobot Roomba 880, this model goes over or around obstacles so you won’t come in the living room after a nap to find it belly up on the floor.

Samsung POWERbot VR9000

The Samsung POWERbot VR9000 has the best cleaning power from all the existing robot vacuums. This is especially important if you have pets because to get out the air they leave on the floors and carpets, you need a big suction power. It’s not recommended to use it if you want a model that fits under the furniture because it is bulky, but for dealing with pet hair it’s one of the best robot vacuums out there.

Alternative Methods You Can Try Out

Undoubtedly, using a robotic vacuum is the most optimal solution to go with, one we strongly recommend. However, until your order arrives or you round up the money to make the purchase, here are three helpful methods to tackle the stubborn pet hair that has infiltrated the fibers of your carpets. Just don’t forget that these are not viable solutions in the long run as they do not have the effectiveness of specialty vacuums when it comes to picking hair strands.

Method #1 – Rubbing with a Wet Hand

An ingenious method of getting rid of hair strands left behind by pets is to get your hand wet and rub it on the furniture and carpets where the animal has shed fur. Sure, it is not a pleasant option to go with, but it is one of the most efficient alternatives to vacuuming. Also, it works on both surfaces, furniture materials, and carpets, an advantage that not many alternative cleaning methods boast. If you do choose this cleaning method, make sure that you thoroughly clean your hands when you are finished as you will definitely pick up a lot of harmful bacteria as well.

Method #2 – Sticking to the Hair

Adhesives like sticky tape and lint rollers are great to use when tackling pet hair. Ideal for small jobs, these adhesives cause the hair strands to stick to their surfaces. You will be done with the whole procedure fast if your pet does not leave massive amounts of fur behind so you will not waste a lot of time. Unfortunately, there is the risk of sticky residue to be left behind, residue onto which pet fur will stick in higher quantities afterward.

Method #3 – Use a Hairbrush

Another effective method is to use a plain hairbrush with stiff metal bristles. The technique you must go for in order to obtain the best results it to use quick and short strokes. Also, make sure you brush in various directions and push to get as deep into the carpet as possible. Pet hair tends to sink in carpet easily, especially in rooms where there is heavy traffic, so you cannot afford to take chances. Unfortunately, this method only works for carpets, not furniture fabrics, so if your cat or dog has left behind hair on these surfaces as well, you cannot rely on the hairbrush to sort out your problem.

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