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Choosing the best plan for a mobile device is essential. Why? When selecting the inappropriate plans, you risk losing both money and the opportunity to use as many minutes/texts or as much data as you desire. From the paying method to the options included in the deal, everything matters. Each person has specific needs and requirements when it comes to using their smartphones. Some prefer chatting online rather than using minutes, some prefer sending texts and others wouldn’t stop being on the phone. Preferences differ and so do SIM deals. The secret is to be patient and compare each plan carefully until you manage to find one that’s in the price range you can afford and offers the exact options you need.

Of course, a SIM can be used for various purposes, not mobile only. You can buy one for your iPad or tablet and enjoy internet services wherever you wish to. What’s great about SIM is that the deals are various and flexible, so that you will pay for the services you desire. There are deals that include internet only, minutes only, or a combination between the two. Students can make good use of the discounts that many companies are offering. Keep an eye on holiday deals when discounts are very numerous, and you have lots of options to choose from. This article is going to present the advantages of using a SIM only deal. Starting with the basics:

Payment methods

There are two different payment methods used when opting for a SIM Only service. You can either pay monthly or pay as you go (PAYG). Paying monthly is based on a shorter contract with a duration of 1 to 12 months. You can find longer-period contracts too, depending on your individual situation. In case you select this method, you will pay a monthly bill and your SIM services are renewed the moment you do it. This way, you are tied to the contract until the period ends. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to worry about renewing your services each month.

The second method, PAYG, involves not being tied to a contract. There are no previously-set costs that you pay each month. Instead, you choose what type of services you consider relevant at the moment of purchase. In the case of PAYG, you need to remember to renew your services each month. Most SIM plans are appropriate for people who already own a device and are not planning on investing in a new one.

Advantages and disadvantages

As in any other situation, SIM deals have both advantages and disadvantages. Again, this is the moment when subjectivity intervenes. People desire different things from a mobile plan, so what some would consider downsides, other might consider advantages. The latest BBC mobile news state that mobile companies might overcharge clients the moment when traditional contracts end. Pay attention to that when selecting your plan, no matter its type.

  • Advantages

The first advantage of choosing a SIM deal is that you’ll get to save money at the end of the month. People who already own a device and they only desire to get minutes, data and texts for a lower price should choose SIM Only plans without second thoughts. Besides the fact that SIM Only deals are definitely much cheaper, they also offer a maximized flexibility. Most long-term contracts can become nerve-wrecking at a certain point because the options included in the plan no longer meet your requirements. With SIM Only plans, the contract is shorter or inexistent, in the case of PAYG. The money you will be saving is enough to buy yourself a new device when you want to, no strings attached. Always opt for the best SIM Only deals that offer unlimited internet, as they are the most flexible.

  • Disadvantages

If you are a fan of devices and you always desire to own the latest one that’s launched on the market, then SIM Only plans are not for you. A traditional mobile contract is convenient from this point of view because you can get a free phone and pay your services monthly. With SIM Only contracts you get to save money, but it might take a while until you can afford the newest phone out there. There’s a risk of paying way more money during the contract than you might have paid for the device itself. It depends on how badly you’d like to have a new phone at the moment. Budget is critical in choosing the correct mobile plan.

Services you should look for

Besides always choosing cheap SIM deals, you have to compare what mobile companies have to offer. A good SIM Only plan includes free roaming. No matter what options you have included in your plan, free roaming is a must. If you are charged additionally for this service, the mobile service provider you selected is not the best choice out there. Try looking for included tethering (sharing your internet with other devices through a hotspot), Wi-Fi calling (lets you call and text over Wi-Fi, which is very convenient when staying at home a lot of time) or 4G data services. Remember, be careful not to pay extra cash for these services, that many companies offer without any charge. Just compare the options you have and select one that seems the fairest and balanced.

Final thoughts

The final decision is yours. Regardless of what people recommend, you are the only one who knows what’s best for your particular situation. Get informed about types of SIMs, offers that are most selected, deals that include the options you absolutely need and so on. Pay attention to the payment method you choose as well. Contracts can be tiring, but PAYG methods are not the best choice if you know you’ll always forget to recharge. Think well about these facts and once you made your decision, enjoy the perfect mobile services. It is all about comfort, reliability, and budget, so find a balance between them and you’re ready to go.

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