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Best Way to Clean the Air in Your Basement?

If you have a basement, you know how dirty it can become and how much dust and bad odors can develop in there. If you spend a few hours in there, get ready to experience some unpleasant allergy symptoms that will make you want to get out as soon as possible. However, running away from problems is not the way to deal with musty air in the basement so you need to start looking for the best ways to clean the air in your basement. Which would be the best way, you ask? Keep reading to discover and you will soon be able to turn your basement into the most welcoming area of your house.

What Causes the Bad Air Quality?

One of the main causes is the increased air humidity that gives it the damp smell. This can be either from the pipes that run through the basement or due to the changes in temperature. What is worst about increased humidity is that it encourages the development of mold spores that are highly dangerous and alter the air quality. Mold affects not only the air but also the aspect of the basement and the things stored in it.
Another cause of dirty air can be the clutter that is often seen in basements that are commonly used as storage spaces. If you tend to overcrowd it with stuff you no longer use, it will become the proper place for dust mites and allergens that thrive in cluttered places. Bacteria that cause bad odors is prone to develop on stuff that hasn’t been cleaned for ages.
Poor ventilation can also be linked to a bad air because the lack of circulation gives the feeling of stall air. Basements are usually poorly ventilated because they lack windows and they are very close to the ground where the air is not very fresh. Since it’s not a living area, the basement hardly gets a proper air circulation and is often neglected until the point it gets too dirty. Although the situation seems critical, there are ways to clean the air and without a doubt, the best way is to target the cause before handling the effects.

  • Reduce the air humidity

As said before, an increased air humidity can be a trigger for damp and musty air in the basement so as soon as you solve this problem, you will be able to improve the air quality. A basement dehumidifier is what you need for the job because it’s big, powerful, and shows great results. This device will absorb the air and eliminate the excess moisture, giving in return cleaner and drier air with little chances of developing mold spores. Unlike room dehumidifiers, the basement versions are designed for larger areas so they have a bigger moisture-retaining capacity and they are equipped with an evacuation pump that promotes them for use in uninhabited areas.

  • Filter the air

Nothing would seem more appropriate for cleaning the air than an air purifier. Luckily, you can count on air purifiers for the basement that have a higher ability to circulate and filter the air in very large areas. There are models that can handle up to 2,000 sq. ft. and they eliminate up to 99% of the impurities in the air. The powerful filters they rely on can trap even the smallest particle so the air will remain clean and fresh. Basement purifiers are highly effective and they don’t create to much noise while also consuming little electricity because they are designed using the latest technologies. You should always have one at home because you can even use it in the garage, the bathroom, or the living room.

  • Remove bad odors

Another verified way of dealing with the bad odors is to use an odor absorber based on volcanic minerals that are known to be the most efficient odors fighter. This product is safe for use even in living areas and it will do wonders with the bad smells in your basement. Simply place it on a shelf and allow it to capture and retain musty smells, bacterial odors, smoke, and other particles from the air that can make it dull and dirty. Each odor absorber is said to last around 6 months after which it needs to be replaced with a new one or reactivated for the best performance.

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